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Ultimate Guide To Start Event Based Niche Blogging

Hello my fellow bloggers, now a days search engines are giving more priorities to high DA websites. An event based blog is a perfect example of niche blogging. Also an event based blog gradually earns maximum Domain Authority, because it has a single topic to write on.

In the recent times, most of the professional bloggers started/are starting a niche based event Blog on a popular eve, example : New Year. To be frank almost everyone do blogging for money, what if I tell you that you can earn good amount of money in less time? Yes, this is the primary thing which everyone keeps in mind while starting an event Blog.


What is An Event Based Blog?

Event based blog is simply a topic which is based on upcoming Event. There are thousands of events in this world to choose from. It is one of the most quickest method to earn huge amount of money in very less time. You just need to start your Blog before 15-20 days to get massive amount of real time traffic. The Event based niche Blogging is just like a powerful money making machine, but yeah you need to rank top in search results. But in these days ranking higher in SERPS is not that easy, you need to compete with other niche bloggers who are fighting for the same keyword and event as yours. Also decision of the event in which you will be blogging should be chosen wisely. Obviously you will need to start from a scratch and choose more popular event at your Planet ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Moreover, you need to choose an event of which you have deep knowledge and keen interest. I am mentioning down some of the most Popular events on which you can start your next Blog.

  • New Year
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Olympics
  • IPL
  • Cricket World Cup
  • Elections
  • Exam Results
  • Many more..!
A screenshot of Google Analytics real time traffic to show you that Event Based Niche Blogging is damn good ๐Ÿ™‚ .


Efficient Ideas to Keep in Mind before starting Event based Blog

The basic and yet most efficient way to rank any blog is to do backlink building (in other words it is called spamming). You will need backlinks, a lot of backlinks to rank high on Search Engine Results. Yet, it is a black hat method to build spammy links and you will be penalized sooner or later by Google’s algorithm update. But you will earn good amount of money before the Search Engine penalize you.

So a question arises here, how to build efficient backlinks for niche Blogging?


How to Build Efficient Backlinks for niche Blogging?

  1. ย Do Follow Blog Commenting : This is the most safe and efficient way to show search engines that you and your blog are active on the Internet. You will just need to find blogs which gives Do-Follow links juice to their commentators. In order to do this you may use tools like Ahrefs.
  2. Side-wide Links : You can ask the webmaster or blog owner directly to put link to your website on their website. This is not that difficult, just post on Facebook groups you’ll surely get many of bloggers who will do this for some bucks. The main benefit of side-wide links is you’ll get as many links as the other blog has. For example if the blog giving you side-wide links has 180 pages in total, your link will be displayed in all 180 pages and hence you’ll get 180 do-follow links at an instant.
  3. Featuring the Event based blog on your Main blog : This is the most easiest way to get quick links on your event based niche blog. Also it drives instant traffic to event blog, if your main blog is little popular. You’ll just loose some link juice on your main blog but will regain after the event blog link is removed.


Some Other Tips to keep in Mind while starting Niche Blogging :

  • Use WordPress Platform, as it has got wide range of Plugins and it is easy to customize the way you want.
  • Get hosting from a good host.
  • Try to include the event name as main keyword of your domain. Also prefer .com and .org over other domain extensions.
  • Use SEO Optimized theme from a Good developer (I recommend using a Paid theme).
  • Start your Blog atleast before 20 days.
  • Hire Experts if you have problems setting and optimizing your Blog. (P.S. You can hire us too).
  • Keep an eye on your Competitors.

That’s it these were the things you’ll need to start an Even based niche Blogging and earn a lot of money. Hit a small thanks if you like my work. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ultimate Guide To Impress A Girl On Facebook Chat

Are you an Internet Surfer or a Chat lover? Then you must be on Facebook as Well as other Social Networking Sites. But basically we are talking about Facebook Chat (This applies on other Social Networks as well).

Facebook, the most popular Social Networking site to Connect people with each other.

Center of Point of the Article is “Now a Days youngsters seek for Girls to chat with. But the biggest mistake we use to do :ย Start Flirting with Girls .”ย By showing them unnecessary and Fake affection and pretending to be a Super Stud. It has never been easy to chat with a Girl and leaving a Positive impact on her. Do you want the Girls to be more friendly while talking with you. ๐Ÿ˜€


Don’t make Girls feel that you are going crazy after them; just give some time and they will come after you. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


The above statement is right for most of the Real life cases as well as on Facebook. You might by Struggling giving them time to know you. It is possible that you will feel annoyed by her ignorance or will feel broken. And on this vary stage we do mistakes by forcing them to know our feelings for her. And in the End some retarded fake personalities guys use to start showing their frustrations by using abusing words which ends the game of Love.




So Guys Here are Few More Points to Remember while Chatting with a Girl


  • Do you know the Girl or Not :Sending the friend request after Seeing her DP you have made a mindset to come closer to her? Then you should just wait her to accept your friend request. If she accepts your request then go on and if she doesn’t then the Matter is closed here.
  • Don’t Start boasting about yourself at initial Stage :ย Stop being a showoff at the early stage as Girls don’t use to like these freaking shit Guys.
  • Give some Good Compliments to her :ย Girls like good compliment about them, don’t they ๐Ÿ™‚ ? And this is biggest weapon to make them think about you. But Remember don’t start making them annoyed by making bulk compliments again and again.
  • Show interest and Wait for the feedback She gives : While chattingย let the Girl know about you, what are your hobbies and what you are Interested in? See whether she likes it or not. After this try to know about her likes/dislikes and hobbies.
  • Don’t be annoying :ย Sending her texts repeatedly even she’s busy is never been a good idea. If she’s bored with any topic or isn’t showing much interest then immediately change the topic. This will make her feel that you are interesting guy.
  • Show caring Nature :ย Girls use to like the guy who cares for them.



After getting positive responses by using above tips, try to make her feel that you care for her you deserve to be the Best guy She ever met in her life. Who knows She could become your Life Partner in Future? ๐Ÿ˜‰