WeChat Free Recharge Worth Rs.150 Again Offer 2014

WeChat Free recharge is back now in Sepetember 2014. Now a days every messaging application are coming up with a new recharge scheme to attract users. And they are giving a crucial competition to each other. Be it Line, Wechat or Hike Messenger. This time Wechat is again giving Rs.150 free recharge to everyone. Before this Line was also giving Rs.120 recharge by sending stickers in group, you can read it here.

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This time to get Wechat free Recharge of Rs150 you need to do voice call too. Last time Line messenger probably copied the idea of Wechat, which was to send stickers in a group. Don’t know if again Line messenger will copy the idea of giving recharge by doing voice calls. We chat is already popular in countries like America. But still it doesn’t have got remarkable users in countries like India, where Whatsapp is already holding the complete market.


So without wasting much time, let’s start with the procedure to get free recharge with WeChat application.

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WeChat Free Recharge Worth Rs 150 September 2014

The time period of Wechat free recharge offer will start from today itself and will end on 20th day. (From 1st September 2014 to 20th September 2014). Each day you will get Rs10 in your wallet, so how to avail this offer?

  1. First of all download WeChat application (if you don’t have already) from Google Play, or any other trusted source.
  2. Register or sign in to your account.
  3. You have to do two different activities in order to get WeChat Free recharge (1st one is calling and other is Sending stickers).
  4. From today (1st September) you need to do a voice or video call to any of your Wechat friend daily, and the call should last for atleast 1 minute till 10th of September. (Don’t worry Wechat gives free call).
  5. After September 10, i.e., 11th September to 20th September you need to send a sticker daily to a group consisting atleast 3 members.
  6. That’s it !! at the end of the offer period you will receive a recharge link to recharge your phone with your earned points.


This is all friends, enjoy with the free talktime you earned with WeChat free recharge offer, share your thoughts or doubts in the comment section 🙂 . Please leave a reply, it works as an energy drink to us 😉 .

19 thoughts on “WeChat Free Recharge Worth Rs.150 Again Offer 2014”

    1. I certenly don’t think that they will do like this, still you can ask for support via email or message. And kindly update us with their reply.

    1. They are rounding off the money, like if you have earned less that Rs150 then they will round it off to Rs 100. Similarly if you have earned less than Rs.100 then they will round it off to Rs 50.

  1. i was expecting to get a recharge amount of 110 according to wechat free recharge scheme today was the date of redeemption of my balance . i have redeemed today
    but only 10 rupees came in my mobile balance but they are showing that recharge is successful i don’t know what to do.

    my mobile no is 8940535843 for which i am expecting the recharge.
    please do some thing because that is the worst experience any one can ever have with WE CHAT..


    1. Don’t worry Wechat will give you another recharge of Rs.100 in 1 or 2 days. My balance was Rs. 135 and I got Rs. 100+20 recharge. Clearly Wechat is giving recharges in division in according to the mobile operator you use.

      Last time I had earned Rs. 40 in my account and Wechat team tried continously several of times to recharge my number with Rs. 40 but it failed because there is no recharges available for Rs. 40 in aircel. In the end they gave me Rs. 40 Freecharge freefund code so that I could get my reward. The conclusion is that, WeChat is not fraud or Crap they are just rewarding in divisions so that last time situation doesn’t repeats.

      Hope it helps 🙂 , anyways if you still haven’t got recharged you can revert to us, We’ll contact wechat to sort out your issue.

  2. I was supposed to get a recharge of rs125 yesterday…but since yesterday it has been displaying the same content that it is under process nd it may take upto 6 hrs…but nw its more than 12 hrs ..i didnt get a single penny…what to do

  3. Dear frnd Sumit, i am a aircel user. And i have 145 rs balance in my wechat account. But, i can’nt recharge my account , wechat gave me a reply that “your recharge cannot be processed at this time” .Now what can i do?

    1. You are late dude, I think redemption date is now over. That is why you are getting this message.
      Sorry but now you cannot redeem your balance.

  4. The only way to recharge is now use paytm mobile app. But this app also send otp and register mobile number. Even after that it recharge only the number registered in paytm.
    How to recharge different number? ?
    Even now 20 rupees pay actual money shit also started

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