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Best Free Video Calling Messenger Apps For Android 2014

With the Introduction of 3G & 4G Technology we are in the state of doing clear uninterrupted video calls. Before introduction of 3G, video calling facility was nearly impossible and was only limited to PC(s) & Laptops using a broadband connection.

Video calling has been proved as a boon for family members who are living apart from each other. Using this facility we can see the other person live on our Phone. Just we need is a3G/4G Smartphone with a front facing camera. Basically we are talking about android in this article, so we will limit this article to Android OS only.

In order to make a free Video call in any part of the word, you just need a video calling app installed in your Smartphone. Here are some of the best free Video Calling App for Android OS in 2014.


  • Skype – Free IM & Video Calling App

No doubt, Skype will top in our directory of Best Android Video calling app. After a great success in Windows os platform, Skype has been introduced on Android OS. The Skype IM comes from the house of Microsoft, which is another big brand. So it will be foolishness to underestimate this powerful app. And hence it holds 1st position in our video calling App list.

  • Hangout

For many people Hangout is totally new app and many people might ignored it many often. But you will be surprised to know that Hangout is the updated version of GTalk which provides video call and also messenger service. Hangout is a Google service so everyone can understand its quality and security, but in comparison to Skype it requires a faster internet connection for an undisturbed video call.Video Calling App

  • Line messenger

Earlier Line was used only for messaging and sending stickers but this didn’t work for them and now they have introduced two new services in Line i.e voice call and video call. currently these are new on Line so there a lot of improvements to be done in it.

  • WeChat

Wechat messenger got the same story similar to line. Earlier it was also made only for text messaging and one click voice sending facility. But before few weeks wechat also introduced video calling feature to compete others in the league. However the video calling clarity isn’t good right now, hope that the developers will try to improve it soon.

  •  Tango – Text, Voice, Video Calls

Its little bit new name for Indian audience. But tango app has proved to be one of the best app to be used as a substitute of Skype mobile. This app is pretty easy to use with 3G/4G/WiFi internet connection.


There are loads of more apps for video calling facility but we handpicked the above apps only. Your views about the article is always welcomed 🙂 .

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