Trace Location Of A Person Using Facebook Application

If you are a Facebook lover and and loves to spend your time on Facebook with your friends using its different apps and facilities then, here is a good news for you.

Facebook will you about your Friends Location

Now you can trace your Friends location using a new App recently launched by Facebook. This amazing app tells you whether your friends are nearby you, or if they are 1-2 miles away. Also this app will tell the location of your Facebook friend.

How to Trace the  Location

A new feature introduced by Facebook called “nearby friends” can trace your friends location.



How does it work

It uses the GPS system of your smart phone.

This app will tell you whether your friends are nearby or half a mile away of you. this will be really interesting to see if your friends are lying or you can trust on them.

Using this App you also can provide your correct Location to your Friends, so that your friends can see whether you are in a park or at an airport.

Where is it available?

This is really very unfortunate but currently Facebook is providing this facility only in America.

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