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10 Common But Effective Techniques of SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful tools in today’s world for branding your blog or website. There are several companies providing SEO services to the different brands but very few of them get success. SEO is actually a science which has certain parameters, which need to be analyzed before deciding or choosing important SEO techniques. The SEO technique which was very useful in 2010 will not work in 2013 due to versatile nature of search engine. SEO experts must keep learning about the new parameters and must apply the techniques according to that. Follow these 10 best on site SEO techniques for 2013.


1) Keyword Research

Keywords are a lifeline of SEO. You have to be very careful while choosing keywords. Don’t assume that user will use blah-blah keyword because you think so. Go out of your comfort zone and try to search some real keywords related to the brand which are actually used by people. Ensure that long keyword must be simpler than generic keywords.

2) Descriptive Title Tags

It is very important to focus on title tags, alt tags, and H1 or H2 tags. Most important, don’t keep your post title as title tag. Furthermore, keep in mind that title tags must be descriptive and must tell about your post. It is good to have a name of product or brand at start, end or middle of title tag. If you are using multiple keywords for title tag that use (-) hyphen or (|) pipe between keywords.

3) Social Signals

Social signals mean how many times your website or posts are being talked about. Make it easy for people to share your post. Make good title so people will re-share it. The more people re-share it the more social signal you will receive. This automatically increases your optimization.

4) Meta Description

Meta descriptions are HTML tags that tell a user that what is the website is about. Although you can keep this description as long as you want, but search engine recommends keeping it 155 characters long and descriptive. It is also good if you keep these descriptions different for every page.

5) Image ALT Tags

Using Alt tags is a very important technique to improve brand visibility in Google image search option. This also helps in SEO ranking. You can also you keywords in it for a better result. However, don’t stuff it with many keywords at once.

6) Incoming Links

Link building is something very important aspect for SEO operatLinksion. Producing quality link or relevant link is very critical for SEO experts. Try to create quality backlink with sites, which are reputed for Google. Having backlink with such a site will help you to optimize your page.

7) Quality Content

Link building also depends on quality content. It is necessary for your company to write keyword based quality articles that generate good link building and optimize a page.

8) Press Release

Distributing press releases is another great effort you can put in order to optimize your page. Putting your press releases on quality news portals will definitely help optimizations.

9) Social Media

Using social media is a very important aspect for better optimization of page. Using Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest is the best way that helps in SEO optimization.

10) Desirability

Google keeps an eye on your website. How many users visit your site and how many stay there for long time. It is necessary to design your page in a way that every user must stay there and read stuff sometimes.