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Remove Dates From WordPress Posts without Editing PHP

While Searching on Google you might be wondering why some sites have dates and some doesn’t. And now you too want to remove date from your WordPress posts immediately after Publishing or after Specified number of days (for example 30 days).

There may be many Reasons Why you want to Remove Dates from your Posts.

  • If you have Evergreen posts which could be used at any time, no matter of how old it is.
  • You wan’t your content to look fresh to your Visitors.
  • Or you don’t want to show your clients that your are lazy and haven’t posted a single article from weeks :p .


Whatever is the Reason, the thing is very simple to do. According to the Heading of this article I am going to tell you “How to Remove Dates from WordPress Posts without Editing Php”. Yes, this task can be done by editing Php but its sort of messy job to do for some beginners. So there is a Simple Plugin Date Exclusion SEO that will remove the Dates very smoothly. Actually, Date Exclusion SEO one of my Favorite and must have Plugin for all WordPress users. The Plugin is pretty Old, but working till now with Latest version of WordPress.

Not only this, the Plugin has many other features too which would be quite tough to do if you go for editing Php.


Salient Features of Date Exclusion SEO

After installing and Activating the plugin you can go to your WordPress Dashboard > Setting > Date Exclusion SEO. There are many options and features like :

Remove Dates from WordPress Posts
Remove Dates from WordPress Posts
  • If you want to Remove dates from your Posts Page, Tags Page, Category Page, Front Page.
  • Now the Best Part is, the Plugin has another option for Post date to show date only for 30 Days (you can specify the time period yourself). So that your Fresh Content looks fresh and afterwards the date will be removed from Blog as well as Search Engines.


Share your Thoughts and Experience while using this outstanding Plugin via Comments. Also if you need any kind of help then comment below we will get back to you as soon as possible 😉 .

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Should you use Comment Luv plugin on your WordPress Blog

Comment Luv, One of the most Popular plugins available for wordpress that most blogs opt. Many bloggers use this plugin to encourage their readers to leave comments. An article which is having a large number of comments has high reputation in front of its visitor. But even with this main feature many bloggers don’t like it to have on their blog. So lets use discuss why and why not people like comment luv in their blogs.


Why people don’t use Comment Luv Plugin.


I found that many users online don’t love this plugin because of some reasons. Below are some of reasons.


No-follow Links downgrade value of your site.

It is the major factor which prevents bloggers to use this plugin in their blog. One of my friend told me that “No-follow is no more completely ignored. Now google share your link juice and page rank with the site you linked”. According to him now giving links to poor website [Even no-follow] makes a negative impact to your links.

But according to me it is not true upto some extent. We should love to link commentator who gives time to comment in your blog, and this doesn’t makes any big bad impact on your blog internal linking.


Poor Loading time and larger page Size.

Another myth in the mind of non-supporters is that “Using this plugins reduces load time and increase size of the Page”. This is true upto some extent and as you know they also consider load time as major Ranking factor. But I don’t think that it should make any big difference. By using good CDN plugin you can handle this issue easily. So you can use comment luv plugin if you are scared of this issue.


Increase in spam Comments.

This is the main reason that popular blogs don’t use this plugin. If you have a new blog then it is perfect to get several comments on your blog. But if your blog has quite decent amount of traffic with comment luv then your blog would be targeted for spam comments. This is true, but it is not enough to change one’s mind to not to use this plugin. There are several free plugins like Akismet, Growmap anti spam bot, which will reduce automated spam bots. Only you have to deal with real human spammers.

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Benefits of using Comment Luv Plugin.


Benefits of this plugin is quite large and its small demerits fades in front of it. I would like to point out some big advantage of using this plugin.


Encourage Commentators on your blog.

If your blog is quite new or if you want to get more comments in your articles then you must have comment luv plugin installed on your blog. This plugin will encourage your readers to leave a comment as they will get a reward to leave their latest post link along with their comments. But you should be ready to tackle the spam that some individuals would do.


Increases your Traffic via Search Engines.

Many of the people might not give attention to this feature but its true that this plugins drive traffic to your blog via search Engines. Now let me tell you how, If any one searches on google for anything and that keyword matches the luv that one had left in your blog, then your blog will show in the results. Hence it increases the keywords of your blog too. And gives you the traffic of such articles that your probably do not have on your blog.


Leave your suggestions via comments. We also spread love using Comment Luv.