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Benefits Of Premium Hosting Over Free Hosting

As a Blogger I know that every one wants to spend as much less amount to run their blog. Thanks to Google that they have provided an awesome platform of blogger.com so that everyone could create their blog without spending a single penny. Coming back to the Topic, to continue your blog you have to pay for Hosting. Because of this big reason many bloggers start their blog with free hosting, believe me free hosting is just a crap they will just withdraw all the promises they do in their features. Instead of free hosting you can go for Blogger.

So I am here to share some Benefits of premium hosting over Free hosting.


Hosting Limit


In order to provide free hosting no one can provide you unlimited Bandwith and Space, they must add some limits to provide free hosting to everyone. Also they limit you in other things like you cant host unlimited domains. If your blog reach bandwith limit then no one will be able to access your blog, and if it last longer it will de-index your site from Search engines.

On the other hand Hosts like “Hostgator” give your unlimited hosting without restrictions.






Another major risk of free hosting is that your blog/website has always lack of security as free hosts never focus on your security. There are high chances that something will go wrong sooner or later.

Paid hosting is completely different they run advance security software tackle with disasters. You can trust on Premium and Famous hosts which has been known and trusted by many people.


Server Speed


Similarly free hosts use slow connection line which will provide low loading speed and bad user experience. Big loading time effects SEO badly and will throw your SERP at last.

Whereas Premium hosting use premium connection which will give faster loading time and thus better user experience.


One-Click Script Install


Free hosting usually doesn’t have features of one click Script installer, resulting you may have to manually download, upload install the script which is very annoying.

But many Premium hosts have one Click Script Install feature with the help of Softaculous, Fantastico etc.


Suspension Problem


The biggest threat for free hosting user is that their account can be suspended with/without any reason thus all the files and databases will be lost and probably cannot be recovered. Free hosts have rights to suspend your account and you can’t question.

On the other hand Premium Hosting promises you that they will backup your data, compensate with server down time. There are very few chances of suspension in Premium hosting (Suspension might be done if you violate their terms and condition.)




Again another big help that you get from Premium hosting that most them Provide you with Live 24×7 online support, they also have features to submit ticket.

And in free host as you know there is no major support system, they don’t have live chat support . Even your Help tickets are neglected or unanswered by them.


Final Words


I was too using free hosting in earlier stage of my blogging carrier but sooner I got many problems like Downtime, Server outage, Poor support and less bandwith, Space for my website. Even I was having problem to upgrade my WordPress version.

According to me free hosting is just a crap and if you are serious for blogging, close your eyes and go for Premium hosting. Spend some bucks and go with popular hosts, believe me they will give you awesome features.

Share your thoughts via comments 😀 .


How To Get Higher Page Rank For Your Blog

Every blogger or any webmaster wants high Page rank effective backlinks, handsome traffic for his blog. Getting a high Pagerank i.e., as much as PR4 is a tough task to do. But still there are few ideas which could lead to get more high Page Rank for your blog. Having higher Page Rank not only gives you more traffic and Revenue but also gives you more and quality guest post. Basically the price for a blog depends upon its page rank. And if you have high Page Rank then you will get much more money for your blog. Following Tips and Tricks will surely help you to increase your Page Rank.


How to Get Higher Page Rank.


Original Content.

Its a common thing that every blogger whether he is expert or a newbie, he starts his blogging career by stealing content from other blogs just by using ctrl+c and ctrl+v :D, Even I was doing the same thing. But in fact one should write an article rather than copying it.  Duplicate contents put a bad impact on search engines and your readers. You must be knowing about the Google adsense, the king of monetizing any blog. Google adsense also doesn’t allows blogs having copied content blogs to get into their program.

If you accept guest post then don’t forget to do its plagiarism test. If you find the article 100% plagiarism free then only publish it.


Frequency of Publishing Articles

The most big thing to get more Page Rank and handsome traffic is none other than frequency of publishing articles. (i.e., consistency of posting in your blog). Just keep posting regularly. You should try to post an article daily,but if you can’t then make a proper routine and try to follow.

Make sure that you post at least one article in 2-3 days. If some how you are going at holidays or if you can’t publish the article at that particular period then you can use the Scheduled Publishing method in which you can choose the date and time in which the article would get published, this kind of option is available in both blogger and wordpress platforms. My opinion is that you should focus more in quality of your content than to focus on the amount of articles you publish, you may write an article in 2 days gap but you should write a killer article which will drive more traffic to your blog than a massive amount of poor article would bring.



Whenever you publish in your blog then do keyword research and choose some nice keywords which would attract search engine traffic like a magnet. Better keywords ranks your article at higher position in search engine Results. It would bring a huge traffic for you via Search engines. You may use Google’s Keyword tool.


Back link building.

Back links are the another major thing for search engines indexing and effective rank on search results. It also has a major hand behind better Page Rank for any blog. So try to build massive amount of links for your blog. Some of the popular and effective way of building back links are :- Blog commenting, Guest posting, Social bookmarking etc.