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Hello friends, As we know that most of the blogger including me, started from blogger and further moved to WordPress. Most people migrate their site to wordpress, and import all the old articles with Permanent Url redirection. It is a vital and recommended tool when your old blogspot blog niche matches with your new blog’s niche that is on wordpress. But in few cases people leave blogger website behind and start new self hosted wordpress blog.

When it comes about having different niches on your old and new blog then you shouldn’t leave your old blog like a crap. You should utilize the traffic from your old blogger blog to redirect some traffic for your new blog. And yes, today I am going to tell you the same thing i.e., How to redirect traffic from blogspot to another website. Its very simple just follow me.



How to redirect traffic from blogspot blog to another website/url.


To do this, you just need to go to HTML editor and find the following piece of code (ctrl + F).


And just below it paste the following line.
<meta HTTP-EQUIV='REFRESH' content='0; url='/>
<meta content='NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW' name='ROBOTS'/>

Note 1 : In the above Code “Content ‘0; means the time (in seconds) the visitor will stay at your old blog before being redirected to the new blog. I had already set it to zero but you can change it according to your need. Also replace “” with url of your new blog.


Note 2 : <meta content=’NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW’ name=’ROBOTS’/> Asks Search engines to not to index posts from your old blog. This secures your new blog from getting penalized for duplicate Content, as pages indexed from the old blog would take some time to de-index and thus it will behave like you have copied from old blog. This is very important if you want to redirect your traffic without any loss to new blog.


Done… Friends, now enjoy traffic redirect from your old blog to your new blog/website/url. Hope you enjoyed my article, give some time to comment and appreciate my work. 🙂

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