Major Problems And Disadvantages Of Android Phones

Today Android holds about 80 percent shares in the smart phone market. If we take a look Andriod-Demeritsin Popularity of Android then ; there are 4 Android phones  in every 5 smart phone. And in the end of 2014 the number of Android user is estimated be more than 1 billion.

No doubt this is the best O.S which gives you the freedom to customize your phone according to your choice. Also the App availability for Android is unmatchable. Regardless of many pros, Android has some cons too.

Some Demerits of Android OS which can’t be ignored

  • Quite weak in Security point of view

Android is an open source software, mean any one can develop an app for Android and this makes it very unsafe. In many researches it is now clear that Android is much easier to hack for any hacker in comparison with other phones. Google play store is a hub of malwares and duplicate apps.

  • It has a major issue of Older version

It really hurts when you buy a new phone and one of your friend tell you that is an older version. Actually Google provides updates to the manufacturers of the phone and it totally depends on the manufacturer of your phone than when they is going to provide you the updates, and sometimes the updates never comes.

  • Problems of Battery

Android is a very powerful software which is specially designed for multitasking and for this it need a heavy power supply. It drains the battery very quickly, no matter which phone you are using. Heating in Android phone is another a very common issue for every user.

  • Problems of Hang and Crash

As Android phones gets old it starts creating problems. Even after using all the cleaning apps from play store and applying all your effort you can’t get rid of some unwanted data from your phone memory. Some times it shows low memory even after removing every thing from you device.

  • No Option to Install Apps in External Memory

Keeping every features and customization power of Android aside one major Question that every android user asks “Can’t I install my Apps directly to SD card?”. Well this is a common issue for everyone and probably no apps from Play store is willing to do the Same. Only the way you can install apps in SD card is to ROOT your android, but it voids the Warranty.


Despite of all above demerits Android is still leading the Mobile/Tablet Operating System Market. And is much more versatile that any other Operating System, but these reasons are not enough to discourage anyone to buy Android Phone. 

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Get Details & Trace Location Of Mobile Number In India

Hello Friends, Now a days I find many people asking in the Internet that they want to track or locate mobile numbers. But unfortunately, many of the people wander here and there to get the exact or real that that actually gives you the maximum possible details of Mobile numbers in India.

This Actually works and is handy for all types of People in any age Groups.

  • Whether you are getting Blank calls or Missed-Calls from any number.
  • Or if you are receiving abuses or bully from Unknown numbers, who are trying to unveil their Identity.
  • Or if your friends are playing prank with you and you can’t figure out who’s on the other side.
  • Or your sister/daughter are getting unknown calls repeatedly.

Cases are many but solution is One and probably the only possible thing for a common man (if we neglect the Police help).

You want to get Location/Telecom Operator and even the Name of person using that Phone number? Then you have finally reached the right place. Today in this article I am going to tell you about an amazing Website & app which not only gives you Details of phone numbers in India but also the Location i.e., Truecaller .


How To Trace Location Or Get Details Of Phone Numbers in PC.

  1. Open in your Browser.
  2. In the middle of the Page you will see an Option to fill mobile and select Country of Mobile number you want to trace.Truecaller-Form
  3. After you done with above steps, click the Search Icon to trace the mobile number.
  4. Now you need to Login with any of your Social Network account( Including Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Yahoo). And allow this App to use the same.
  5. Done, Now in the Next screen you will get the Detail of the Phone number 😉 .



Trace Location Of Mobile Number Using Phone

  1. Just download the Truecaller Official app from the PlayStore or using this Link.
  2. Now Open the app and fill the mobile number you want to trace.
  3. Voila you will get the details instantly, that too using a mobile Phone 🙂 .
  4. This app can also Block spam calls just you need to report/block the Mobile number.
Additionally the Mobile app also gives you Name and State of Unknown incoming call in your Mobile. Only you need a Working WiFi or 3G to get details of the incoming call without receiving the same. 

Disclaimer : Neither I nor anyone from my blog is associated with Truecaller, we are not held responsible for any misuse done while using above tips.


Enjoy Friends, share your Ideas & experience using the Truecaller App.

Trace Location Of A Person Using Facebook Application

If you are a Facebook lover and and loves to spend your time on Facebook with your friends using its different apps and facilities then, here is a good news for you.

Facebook will you about your Friends Location

Now you can trace your Friends location using a new App recently launched by Facebook. This amazing app tells you whether your friends are nearby you, or if they are 1-2 miles away. Also this app will tell the location of your Facebook friend.

How to Trace the  Location

A new feature introduced by Facebook called “nearby friends” can trace your friends location.



How does it work

It uses the GPS system of your smart phone.

This app will tell you whether your friends are nearby or half a mile away of you. this will be really interesting to see if your friends are lying or you can trust on them.

Using this App you also can provide your correct Location to your Friends, so that your friends can see whether you are in a park or at an airport.

Where is it available?

This is really very unfortunate but currently Facebook is providing this facility only in America.

Do share your thoughts and feedback in comments, it is really important to us. 🙂

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Price & Specifications Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hasn’t been officially announced yet but Rumors and expected specifications are still in the Air. The Successor of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 i.e., Note 4 will get many features that previous version of Notes and S series packed. The brand new phone will have Fingerprint scanner too, which locks the privacy of its owner 😀 .  The Rumor talks about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Price, Specifications, Release Date, Design, New added features and much lot of things. Let’s take a closer view on what is expected to be included in Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Price & Specifications


  • Display : The phone will be powered with a Giant 5.9 inch QHD 2K Resolution display with a Resolution of 2560 x 1440. The Note 4 Display would be more brighter and clearer than any Smartphone ever 😉 .
  • Design : The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would get a new Premium look as Compared to predecessors of Note Edition. The Phone will Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4-Designhave have curve design with thin bezels but no physical buttons. Not only this, the Smartphone will get the new Improved Touch-Wiz.
  • Camera : The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be featured with a 20.7 megapixels camera. Which is much more than its predecessor Note 3 having only  13MP camera. It would have even more pixels than the new Samsung Galaxy S4, which has only 16 megapixels Camera. Some sources are also claiming that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be able to record with 4K resolution (Movie Theater Quality), but it is less likely to believe. Let’s see.
  • Processor : Talking about the Processor, the Galaxy Note 4 would have 64-Bit 2.7 GHz processor. Till now only Apple’s iPhone 5 has got 64-bit processor, but Samsung is looking to continue the trend with the new Galaxy Note 4. Not only this, the phone is said to be equipped with powerful 4 GB of Ram (Again the first smartphone in the market ever to have this much amount of RAM).
  • Operating System : No doubt this ultimate Gadget will be powered by Android latest version. But this Story has a twist, the smartphone has been expected to have Android 4.5 which will be unveiled at Google I/O in June 2014. Probably it would be lollypop.
  • Download Booster : The Phone will be probably equipped with the Download booster which will multiply the Download rate by Combining the LTE and WiFi.
  • Protection : As seen on Galaxy S5, Note 4 will definitely get a Water & Dust Resistant body. The phone might carry IP67 rating, which means it can function even underwater (as long as half an hour in 1 meter water).
  • Other Features : The Phone is said to have 128GB of internal memory with 3,600-3,800mAh of battery. With support of 4G and Dual Band WiFi.
  • Price : Now the main thing, What would be the price for the Gadget which is loaded with bulk of features ? According to the Report, The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will cost less than 800$.


Disclaimer : The above mentioned specs are only expected and are not final and accurate.

Do Comment, about and give your views about the New Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The special features being heard in the Online World. I am excited, Are you 🙂 ?

Best Features of Android Tablet That You Need to Look For

Sometimes things are popular because they are good at what they do. The Apple iPhone changed mobile phones and made them good, and the Android came along and it was a good operating system alternative. Between Apple and Android they have kicked the OS ass of Windows mobile, Blackberry and Nokia. The Android has a healthy number of features that are put to varying degrees of use depending upon which mobile device you choose. Here are a few of the best Android features to look out for.



Widgets are on the Android

There are some people who do not like them because they take up too much of the screen, and that is a point, but you can change your widgets to be a little less intrusive on the page. You may also turn many of your widgets off too. There is a sense of satisfaction that comes with being able to glance at your tablet and know the time or weather without having to look at an app. The same is true if you have email or you have made money via Google Adsense on your blog.


SwiftKey Text Prediction

The SwiftKey program means that predictive text is now even better and you can use Swype to increase your choices when it comes to gestures and ThickButtons mods which allow you to use bigger buttons as you type. The Swype gesture based typing has been used to break the Guinness World Record on the world’s fastest text message.


Control your phone from your computer

There are apps that will allow you to do this, and the Android system has settings that allow you to control your Android from your PC which is both handy and fun if you decide to give it a go through a secure service.


Custom ROMs

Your Android operating system is open source and it means you may customize your Android in order to get a better user experience from the whole thing. You can legally make system level tweaks to your Android if you wish.




Automation is good on the Android

There is an application called Tasker which allows you to turn your tablet into nothing short of a super tablet (not really) where you can turn on certain settings and certain applications for certain areas. The most notable is how where your tablet will not update any of its systems or apps until you are in proximity to WI-Fi so that it saves you money on mobile Internet.

You can even automate it to turn things on or off depending on the time of day or the location you are in. This means you can set your tablet to be on silent during work or lectures or when you are in the location of work. There is also a battery-saving app called JuiceDefender which also turns systems and apps on and off in order to save life on the battery.


Removable storage and a removable battery

Most Android tablets will allow you to remove your battery and many allow for removable storage. This means that you can save files locally and move them around with your SD card instead of having to do it via the cloud. Maxing out the storage on your Android tablet is not usually the end of the world because you have more options with regards to your tablet than you do with other devices.


Customized Home Launchers

If you crack or jailbreak your tablet then you may have access to deeper customization based on your own programming skill or the darker apps that only install on cracked tablets. However, there are home launchers with the Android that allow you to do most of the customization you may ever want.

There is no need to risk the health and security of your tablet if you can do your customization via a Home Launcher. It allows you to set up different gestures compared to the ones that come pre-set with the device, and you can set up different shortcuts and you may even set up your tablet so that it runs faster. There are apps called LauncherPro and ADWLauncher, both of which are third party home launchers and both of which offer a great amount of customization.


You get an alternate keyboard

This is around the idea that with most Androids you get a choice of keyboards. There are also things such as Swiftkey and Swype and 8pen. The Android gives you choices and there are even apps that can improve your options even more so.

Ultimate Guide To Impress A Girl On Facebook Chat

Are you an Internet Surfer or a Chat lover? Then you must be on Facebook as Well as other Social Networking Sites. But basically we are talking about Facebook Chat (This applies on other Social Networks as well).

Facebook, the most popular Social Networking site to Connect people with each other.

Center of Point of the Article is “Now a Days youngsters seek for Girls to chat with. But the biggest mistake we use to do : Start Flirting with Girls .” By showing them unnecessary and Fake affection and pretending to be a Super Stud. It has never been easy to chat with a Girl and leaving a Positive impact on her. Do you want the Girls to be more friendly while talking with you. 😀


Don’t make Girls feel that you are going crazy after them; just give some time and they will come after you. 😮


The above statement is right for most of the Real life cases as well as on Facebook. You might by Struggling giving them time to know you. It is possible that you will feel annoyed by her ignorance or will feel broken. And on this vary stage we do mistakes by forcing them to know our feelings for her. And in the End some retarded fake personalities guys use to start showing their frustrations by using abusing words which ends the game of Love.




So Guys Here are Few More Points to Remember while Chatting with a Girl


  • Do you know the Girl or Not :Sending the friend request after Seeing her DP you have made a mindset to come closer to her? Then you should just wait her to accept your friend request. If she accepts your request then go on and if she doesn’t then the Matter is closed here.
  • Don’t Start boasting about yourself at initial Stage : Stop being a showoff at the early stage as Girls don’t use to like these freaking shit Guys.
  • Give some Good Compliments to her : Girls like good compliment about them, don’t they 🙂 ? And this is biggest weapon to make them think about you. But Remember don’t start making them annoyed by making bulk compliments again and again.
  • Show interest and Wait for the feedback She gives : While chatting let the Girl know about you, what are your hobbies and what you are Interested in? See whether she likes it or not. After this try to know about her likes/dislikes and hobbies.
  • Don’t be annoying : Sending her texts repeatedly even she’s busy is never been a good idea. If she’s bored with any topic or isn’t showing much interest then immediately change the topic. This will make her feel that you are interesting guy.
  • Show caring Nature : Girls use to like the guy who cares for them.



After getting positive responses by using above tips, try to make her feel that you care for her you deserve to be the Best guy She ever met in her life. Who knows She could become your Life Partner in Future? 😉

Free Easy Recharge Worth Rs.50 From Line Messenger Official

Who doesn’t want free recharge? Of-course all of us. The Title of this article gives the clue that we are here with the procedure to get free recharge by the popular Line Messenger. Line messenger is promoting the amazing stickers and seamless messaging facility by giving out Free Recharge for Indian Customers. If we talk little about Line : It is a Messenger with amazing Stickers and Free Calling facility which can become an alternate for Whatsapp, Wechat or FB messenger. So, Without wasting much time let’s get started.

Line Messenger Rs.50 Recharge

How to avail free recharge from line messenger.

  1. First of all download line messenger ( if you don’t have already )
  2. In the next step you have to download line characters in love sticker pack as shown in the image.
  3. Forward any of the five stickers in this pack to your five friends.
  4. As soon as you send stickers to your five friends, you will receive a Message from Line assisting you to recharge your phone  worth Rs. 50


Note :

  • You need a verified phone number to avail this offer.
  • Free Recharge can be claimed only in one mobile Number.
  • This offer is valid only for Indian users.
  • This offer is valid only for 14 days (i.e., from 24th March 2014 to 6th April 2014)
  • Offer is not Applicable for Windows Phone users.


Disclaimer : Neither me nor is associated with Line Messenger or the Promotional offer mentioned above. This article simply aims to spread love to our audience by giving them vital news to get Free Recharge.

Blogger vs WordPress which to choose? [Comparison]

blogger-vs-wordpressThere are many blogging platforms available. But every one loves the platforms which is easy to use, having awesome utility and is free. So keeping these above two points we would find two blogging platforms that are best. That is blogger and wordpress. Usually many of the bloggers start their websites using Google’s blogger because of its ease and popularity in the blogosphere. WordPress is some thing that is quite complicated to setup for newbies. But now most of the popular hosts is providing auto-installer of wordpress. So there is no problem to setup wordpress even for a newbie. So let’s do a comparison between these to awesome blogging platforms that is blogger and wordpress. It is upon the user that he chooses blogger or wordpress for his blog. Here I will cover both of the blogging platforms and will try to go in every depth of these two platforms.


Blogger or WordPress : Comparison



Owner by the Giant google is enough to express the power of this platform. One of the biggest advantage of blogger over other platforms is that it takes maximum 15 minutes to setup your blog and make it online. Again it is very easy to use even for a new learner. You can start posting in your blog at the same moment you setup it.



Just download wordpress from upload it on any host and get started. It is being used by many SEO experts and big websites. Mainly because of its little complication people first use blogger, then come to wordpress. Just I can say that its a power unleashed for blogging that Attracts traffic like a magnet.


Blogger and WordPress  Comparison Table

Feature Blogger
Account Cost. :- No. Yes (Premium Hosting require to be paid).
Free domain :- Yes .blogspot. No.
Tags :- No (Combined with labels). Yes.
Categories :- Yes Yes.
SEO points out of 10. :- 7. 9 (if installed good plugins).
Security. :- Highly secured in google server. Little insecure as is self hosted.
Complication.:- Little. Average.
Can be Monetized. :- Yes Yes
HTML editing. :- Required if you want to raise your blog. Not required much Plugins do all the work.
Deletion Risk. :- Yes slightly if your blog has contents that are restricted by google. No (But its upon your host.)
Site Staffs. :- Only author and admins. Admin, Authors, Editors, Contributors.
Mobile Version. :- Yes. Yes.
Share buttons. :- Yes. Yes Plugins available.
Post via Mobile. :- Yes. Yes.
Import. :- Probably only blogger. Yes.


Conclusion :

Thus we can conclude that if you are new to blogging then just choose blogger. And if you want to discover new things with a professional website then choose self hosted wordpress. In last I would say that wordpress is an easy to do thing using plugins if you want to take your blog to next level. In blogger you need to tackle html and css codes which would frustrate you.


Disclaimer : We’re not downgrading any platform. Just giving you suggestion upon my experience.


Tips To Consider Before Buying Used Or Old Domain Name

Tips to consider before buying used or old domain name.

First step to start a blog is to register or buy a domain. If you are thinking to purchase a old domain then its a good thing as pre-owned domain has more seo benifits. But buying a used domain name should be done carefully. You should research about the domain that you want to purchase. As there is chances that it might be banned or blacklisted, which will create a huge problem for seo and adsense approval.

So keep these below thing in mind before an old domain.




Domain age

Age of domain is a big factor for the its trust and value. Simply as you know that more the old more greater SEO. Its age also effects its popularity and regular visitors to the site. I would recommend you to try to buy an old domain name as it has less chances to used for spamming or is banned or blacklisted.



Many bloggers prefer .com extention domain name at first choice as it is considered to be a good choice and reputation of any blog. So try to buy a international domain name like .com, .net, .org. Buying domains that is referredto any country like .in,.pk,.uk etc downgrades your website in the mind of your visitors. Although its extension doesn’t matters much but its a good thing if you buy a .com.


High Page Rank

Selecting a domain name and it has higher PR adds a +1 for you SEO. Having good page rank not only gives you search engine traffic but also a large amount of guest post for your blog. That will convert your work into traffic smoothly and easily. Good page rank also gives you a greater resell value for your domain and creates a nice reputation in front of your friends and rivals.


Domain name

There a few domains that is quite large. And it is not recommend to go for domains that has much amount of characters. Consider to buy a small sized domain name as it will be easy for you and your visitors to visit your blog. Having small domain effect SEO ranking too. Also keep in mind that you must go for a name that professional and matches your niche as it will represent your blog forever and can’t be changed.

Recommend : Tips which domain to Choose, its effects on seo.


Blacklist or banned

This is a huge factor and a thing that should be in consideration. Always research on the domain that you are going to buy. If it is having Page Rank then check if it is genuine or fake. As many people make domain selling a business they start a blog post some article applies a false page rank and sold. You can visit to see the that it is fake or genuine .

Also the domain you are purchasing might already been banned by adsense on which one can’t places ads even with active adsense account. You can check that if it is banned by google adsense or not by going here

You can do a google search “” to get the information.


Do share your ideas via comments and feedback via comments.

Tips which domain to Choose, Domain effects on SEO

domain-to-chooseTo start blogging any one needs a domain. They don’t even care that which domain they should prefer they just purchase a domain which feels cool and nice to read. Almost everyone while purchasing a domain is a newbie and he/she don’t think about SEO which would effect your traffic. If you ask bloggers about “Which domains to choose and if it affect site SEO then they would probably reply that domain doesn’t matters at all. But according to me there is a big secret of SEO behind choosing domain. Confused?

Have you heard about keywords which are very important to get your site’s article at the top rank in search engine.


Tips which domain to Choose, Domain effects on SEO

You have searched on google thousand of times. Have you ever noticed the search results. Google finds the articles by using the keywords that a user types on Google Search.

Google sees these things while filtering a search result to see that if keywords are appearing or not.

  1. Article Heading
  2. Site Name (If article heading is small enough to give space to Site name)
  3. Meta Description
  4. Site backlinks
  5. Site domain name
  6. Permalink
  7. Page Rank etc


Now we would concentrate on 5th point. If you read some articles which would tell you how to optimized search engines. Then you will find that they also mention that “Article permalink should contain focus keyword so that search sentence would match your permalink”. You know that in search engine results there is site url before permalink. Now you can conclude that if it matches your domain name too then  it would raise your SEO.



Have a look on this  above screen shot. The circled words are the site’s name and site’s url. As you can see that the searched sentence has matched with the site’s url and the site’s name. It is now proved that Domain name effects Site SEO heavily.


Things to keep in mind while choosing domain:

  • Don’t use lengthy name : Choosing lengthy name would hide your article’s permalink and main keywords in search results.
  • Choose related to your niche (Highly important) : If you want to run a blog related to mobile then think and choose domain which has mobile word.
  •  Don’t use words which are non-related to your niche : The biggest mistake I have done that I have used the word “Addiction” in my site’s domain as the word addiction has no relation to my site’s SEO.
  • Go for top level and international domains like .com , .net , .org : One more mistake I have done that I have used .in as it was cheap @Rs.99 only :p . Don’t register domains referring to as specific country for example .in , .pk , .uk , etc. Try to use top level domain and don’t use a sub-domain like . As it makes your site url a bit long and adsense also accepts .blogspot only if the site is too good.
  • Don’t register a domain with different extention if it is already registered : For example : Using even it is already registered with .com then your visitors may go to by mistake. As people have a habit to open .com website.


Domain effects on SEO Conclusion:

Now you have understood that using the word related to your niche in your site domain Effects SEO. So, it should be chose according to your niche only don’t be in confusion that it won’t affect SEO.

That’s all hope that you will register domain wisely. Please let me know if any point is left over. Give your feedback as comments.