Freecharge Coupons : Rs.50 Cashback on Rs10 Recharge

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you a list of awesome Freecharge Coupon codes which will give you Rs.50 Cashback at Freecharge mobile app. Freecharge, one of the most used online recharging application is promoting the mobile app by giving Rs 50 cashback on recharge of Rs 10 or more to every freecharge users. Continue reading Freecharge Coupons : Rs.50 Cashback on Rs10 Recharge

Line Rs.120 Free Mobile Recharge August 2014 [With Steps]

Free recharge? Anyone would like to have anything in Tech World when a term “free” is added before it i guess. This time we are posting a brand new Trick for free Recharge which is offered officially by Line Messenger App. Want to know how? Just go through the below steps and follow the same to avail the offer.

Line which is one of the most Popular Calling and Messaging app among Android as well as IOS and Windows Phone users is back again with the free recharge offer for its users. As we know few days back WeChat was Offering its Costumers Rs 60 Worth Recharge to its costumers, just For Sending Stickers in a Group For few days. Similarly inspired By WeChat (Possibly) now Line is also giving free Recharge to its users just for sending Stickers in a group for 20 days ( At least one Sticker a day)

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Previously Line Was Also Offering Rs 130 Worth Free Recharge to The Users just For Sending Sticker to any Friend Just For 15 days, But This time Users will have to send Stickers for 20 days Starting From 20th August 2014 to 10 September.

As that offer Ended, the Line is Back Again with New Free Recharge offer Worth Rs 120 for its users.

Starting from Today ( 20/8/2014)  Send Stickers till The 28th day i.e ( 18/09/2014). Don’t worry if you miss one day, you can again send the sticker another day. But to get full Rs.120 recharge, you have to send stickers in 20 days out of maximum 28 days allowed in the offer.

Line Rs. 120 Free Recharge Just Follow The Below Steps

  • First of all download Line app from Google Play store or from any trusted source (if you don’t have already downloaded).
  • Now install Line Messenger App.
  • Register with your Mobile number (Very Important Step)
  • Create a New group on Line to send stickers in ( No Need if you are already added in any old group)
  • Send any Sticker in that group
  • Do it for 20 days (minimum 1 sticker per Day)

Line : free Talktime

Note :- At The End of Every 5th Day you will receive a Message From Line to avail your Rs 30 worth Recharge and it will repeat until you will get 120 worth Free Talktime on the 20th day.

WeChat Giving Rs.60 Free Mobile Recharge August 2014 [With Steps]

Now a Days many brands are promoting themselves by giving free recharge to its customers. Infact free recharges are the most decent way to attract new customers. Most of the brand already are giving or have gave free charges to its users. From the past few weeks mobile messengers are being a vital source of getting free recharges, be it Line/Hike/WeChat.

Last week WeChat messenger was giving away free Rs.50 recharge, that was trending high on our blog 😀 . Continuing the trend, it is giving free recharge again, that too Rs.60 to its customers. This time the process is very similar to Line messenger offer. You have to send a sticker daily in any group chat to earn money in your wallet everyday 🙂 .

WeChat Free Rs 60 Recharge
WeChat Free Rs 60 Recharge

Earlier Wechat was giving Rs.50 for following Haier India and then Rs.50 for just sending a message to any of your friends. And now they are giving Rs.60 Mobile Topup for just sending  stickers in a group chat.

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WeChat Free Rs.60 Mobile Topup August 2014

If you are a WeChat user then you must already have received a SMS on your mobile number from Wechat Team, saying :

Dear user, thanks for using WeChat. Now get Rs 60 free recharge, just send stickers in a Group chat. Go to WeChat team account to know more.

  • Download and install WeChat messenging app from Google Play store or from anywhere.
  • As mention above, create a group chat and just send some stickers in the Group chat itself. On the first day you will receive Rs.10 in your wallet and then after Rs.5 on every successive days in which you send stickers.


Note : Minimum Recharge amount is Rs.20


Hurry limited time offer, grab before it ends.

Enjoy friends, feel free to ask any of your doubts in comment section. Also hit a small thanks to appreciate my work 🙂 .

WeChat Giving Rs.50 Free Mobile Recharge July 2014 [With Steps]

WeChat, which not very much popular messaging app for Android/Windows in India, is trying to promote itself by giving recharge of Rs.50 to its users. Continuing the trend of LineHike Messenger Wechat is giving away Rs.50 to all of its user, just for sending a text/smiley/sticker.WeChat

Now a days telecom operators are hiking the price rapidly and simultaneously the price hike  is affecting the mobile customer’s pocket. Earlier Line Messenger was giving Rs.50, Rs.110 recharge & now giving Rs.130 recharge. And still Hike Rs.20/referral recharge is going on.  Previously Wechat was also offering Rs.50 recharge for following Haer India. And now they are back with Rs.50 mobile Top-up to all of their customers.

Everyone in the world wants stuffs for free, don’t they? So let us tell you a free recharge trick using WeChat messenger. So here we go 🙂 .


WeChat Free Rs.50 Recharge Complete Steps

If you are a wechat user you must have already received an sms on your registered mobile saying.

Dear User, Thank you for using WeChat. Get Rs.50 instant FREErecharge, Just send a message to your friend on WeChat in next 48 hrs.

  • Download & install Wechat app from Google Play Store, if you already haven’t installed yet.
  • Just send a message/sticker/smiley to any of your friend. That’s it.

You will receive a message with a link to recharge your Phone like image below.

Hurry up grab the offer before it ends.

Note : Recharge on Aircel/Reliance for North East India will not be proceeded due to security reasons.

Enjoy friends, feel free to ask or clear any doubts in the comment section. Review, Better than Google Adsense?

No doubt, Google Adsense has been a king for monetization of any blog. But recently another ad serving network came into light i.e., . The Yahoo Bing Contextual Advertisement program is proving as a boon for bloggers with disapproved or disabled Adsense account.

But the main matter of discussion is, can we use as an alternative to adsense? Or stop using adsense and use Yahoo Bing Ad Network? vs Google Adsense Which is Better


What is Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads (

Yahoo Bing Advertisement is a new program for Publishers as well as Advertisers. This adnetwork is born with the collaboration of Yahoo & Bing. It could be used by bloggers or webmasters who got their application rejected in Google Adsense.

However it is not that easy to get approval in but its not too tough. With little efforts and quality articles you can enter this program. Approval Process

As discussed earlier the approval process is not too tough you can try and get your website approved easily. Here is how you can get your website approved on

  • Having quality content with optimal keywords.
  • Decent amount of Traffic from US, UK, Canada.
  • Reasonable volume of visitors on your site.
  • No P*rn, Cr@cks, H@cking sites are allowed to enter this program
  • No Software Piracy (including but not limited to warez, torrents, cracking etc.)
  • No Copied content, and this is a basic filter for every advertisement program.


Should you give Priority over Google Adsense has better support system and has CPM based ad revenue which is even much better than Google Adsense.

But the experience I & some of my blogger friends had was a mind changer.

In starting days I was earning as much as 2$-3$ a day in my new blog. But it gradually started falling down and in current phase it gives negligible revenue. I don’t know what happened but many, In-fact all of the user I interacted was having the same concern.

Conclusion about using

No doubt is a way better than other Ad serving companies. But it lacks when we start comparing it with the Giant Google Adsense as still needs some development in regarding to revenue.

Before 2011 there was several tricks and tips to get adsense approved. But now a days it is really tough and could overcome as a boon for those people who don’t have Google Adsense. So if you have Google Adsense account then you can use along with it, but its not advisable to use it replacing Google Adsense.


Disclaimer : We are not trying to downgrade or blacklist any of the Ad serving Company. We’re just sharing our thoughts.

Best Free Video Calling Messenger Apps For Android 2014

With the Introduction of 3G & 4G Technology we are in the state of doing clear uninterrupted video calls. Before introduction of 3G, video calling facility was nearly impossible and was only limited to PC(s) & Laptops using a broadband connection.

Video calling has been proved as a boon for family members who are living apart from each other. Using this facility we can see the other person live on our Phone. Just we need is a3G/4G Smartphone with a front facing camera. Basically we are talking about android in this article, so we will limit this article to Android OS only.

In order to make a free Video call in any part of the word, you just need a video calling app installed in your Smartphone. Here are some of the best free Video Calling App for Android OS in 2014.


  • Skype – Free IM & Video Calling App

No doubt, Skype will top in our directory of Best Android Video calling app. After a great success in Windows os platform, Skype has been introduced on Android OS. The Skype IM comes from the house of Microsoft, which is another big brand. So it will be foolishness to underestimate this powerful app. And hence it holds 1st position in our video calling App list.

  • Hangout

For many people Hangout is totally new app and many people might ignored it many often. But you will be surprised to know that Hangout is the updated version of GTalk which provides video call and also messenger service. Hangout is a Google service so everyone can understand its quality and security, but in comparison to Skype it requires a faster internet connection for an undisturbed video call.Video Calling App

  • Line messenger

Earlier Line was used only for messaging and sending stickers but this didn’t work for them and now they have introduced two new services in Line i.e voice call and video call. currently these are new on Line so there a lot of improvements to be done in it.

  • WeChat

Wechat messenger got the same story similar to line. Earlier it was also made only for text messaging and one click voice sending facility. But before few weeks wechat also introduced video calling feature to compete others in the league. However the video calling clarity isn’t good right now, hope that the developers will try to improve it soon.

  •  Tango – Text, Voice, Video Calls

Its little bit new name for Indian audience. But tango app has proved to be one of the best app to be used as a substitute of Skype mobile. This app is pretty easy to use with 3G/4G/WiFi internet connection.


There are loads of more apps for video calling facility but we handpicked the above apps only. Your views about the article is always welcomed 🙂 .

Panasonic Mobiles Review : A Brand For Every Requirement?

It is well known that mobile phone market is globally a very big market. In this techno era everyone wants to be technologically updated and wants to have latest gadgets. Most of the companies also trying to read the nerves of people and even many renowned brands also trying their hands in this sector and doing many experiments to attract the user. Today when we go to buy a mobile phone we have many options in the same price range with similar features and that is the main problem for any one to select a company.


And now when we are talking about companies there are many who no doubt providing very good features at a reasonable price but when we talk about the performance and after sale service, most of the companies stands their hands and we got nothing more than harassment and endless number of visits to the service centers. Therefore here we are going to introduce you with a mobile brand that is new in mobile phone sector but is well known for their quality products and good after sale service.


Panasonic Mobiles, is this really a Brand which will withstand on their Promises ?

Yes of-course Panasonic is new in mobile sector and is trying their hands in this field, but no one can doubt about their quality and services. and the most important thing is their product pricing. As Panasonic wants to concrete their legs in mobile phone sector, they are offering a very reasonable price for their products and unbelievably competing many mobile brands which are mainly known for their low prices like Mircomax, Karbonn, Lava etc.

So next time when ever you think to buy a low budget phone with good specification then Panasonic could be a good option for you, that fulfill all your requirements with good after sale service and also fit in your tight budget.

If you have any doubts or questions please ask them through the comments, we’ll be back to you as soon as possible. 😉


Giveaway : Internet Download Manager Free Licence Keys

Hello my fellow Readers, thanks for your love and Support in the past months. Today we are organizing a grand giveaway to give something return to our Readers.

We are really happy to announce our very first Giveaway, so what are you waiting for? Read on and participate in the Giveaway.


The Giveaway is : Internet Download Manager Premium Licence keys for 1 year.


Yes you heard it right, we are giving 7 Internet Download Manager Licence keys for 1 year. Which worth 29.95$ (Rs.1,796) each. Total budget of Giveaway : 29.95$ x 7 = 209.65$ (Approx Rs.12,572)

Isn’t it cool & breathtaking, don’t worry. These keys will be distributed among the readers only, you may become the Lucky One 🙂 .

If you don’t know about Internet Download Manager then let me tell you, it is the most advance and fastest download manager even in the Internet. Let’s Recall some of the Features of Internet Download Manager.


Download Video from Any Page

I personally love this video Grabbing feature of IDM, you can download any video from any page on the Whole web. Not only this, you can even download the embedded video in any site. You will see a small “Download video from this Page” button on Upper left or Lower right corner of the Video. Just click it and get the video on your Computer’s hardrive and play it number of times, without worrying of Internet Bandwith usage.


All Popular Browsers Supported

This awesome download managers supports all of the Popular Browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, AOL, MSN, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox, Avant Browser and many more. Also, IDM supports all version of these popular browsers. The advance browser integration technique grabs video easily.


High Speed Parallel Download

Internet Download Manager (IDM) uses advance technology to provide you best download experience possible. It multiplies the download speed upto 5x to get your file downloaded at the Earliest possible. 😉


Resume Downloads

Internet download manager Resumes the download from the position which they were left. Now you can pause and resume the downloads easily without loosing a fraction of downloaded file.


Download all files of a Page in a Single Click

This unique feature keeps internet download manager apart from all back offed download Managers. Now you can download all files from a page in a single click without hassle of downloading one by one.


Speed Limiter

This is the feature which is used by me most of the times.  Want to browse internet or play games or stream videos while downloading your files? Then here is the Speed limiter to limit your download speed to any numerical value so that your can do your other job without speed capping.


Automatic Virus Checker

There is a big fear in our mind of getting our system infected with the virus contained in some of the Downloaded files. The fear will be vanished when you will start using IDM with the genuine licence, this outstanding download manager scans each and every downloads for Trojans and viruses.


Automatic Updates

One of the best feature you will get when using Genuine Licence keys in IDM. You can now get every Single update while using genuine licence keys. The quick update features checks for update every week and asks user whether he/she wants to update to the latest version.


There are many more uncountable features of Internet download Manager, which could makeup your mind to Participate in our Giveaway 🙂 .


About the Giveaway

  • We are giving away 7 genuine Internet Download Manager Licence keys for Free.
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Rules of Giveaway

  1. You can make as much as entries you want. The more number of entries, the more chance for you to win.
  2. The Giveaway will be hosted for 30 Days. Dated 7th May 2014 to 6th June 2014.
  3. 7 Lucky Winners will be announced at the end of this Giveaway, also they will be informed by email.
  4. Make sure to use a valid email address, as it will be your identification in this Giveaway. And you will be informed and get the Licence keys by the same medium.
  5. We reserve all the Rights to cancel any entries if we found usages of unfair means that are but not limited to : using scripts, hacking, abusing the system.
  6. The Licence keys are not meant for selling.

Drop your Comments, Share this Social Media. The more you share, the more your chances to win. Ready steady Go 😀

Best of Luck.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


Notice : Lucky winners have been emailed, please revert the email before 24 hours.

Remove Dates From WordPress Posts without Editing PHP

While Searching on Google you might be wondering why some sites have dates and some doesn’t. And now you too want to remove date from your WordPress posts immediately after Publishing or after Specified number of days (for example 30 days).

There may be many Reasons Why you want to Remove Dates from your Posts.

  • If you have Evergreen posts which could be used at any time, no matter of how old it is.
  • You wan’t your content to look fresh to your Visitors.
  • Or you don’t want to show your clients that your are lazy and haven’t posted a single article from weeks :p .


Whatever is the Reason, the thing is very simple to do. According to the Heading of this article I am going to tell you “How to Remove Dates from WordPress Posts without Editing Php”. Yes, this task can be done by editing Php but its sort of messy job to do for some beginners. So there is a Simple Plugin Date Exclusion SEO that will remove the Dates very smoothly. Actually, Date Exclusion SEO one of my Favorite and must have Plugin for all WordPress users. The Plugin is pretty Old, but working till now with Latest version of WordPress.

Not only this, the Plugin has many other features too which would be quite tough to do if you go for editing Php.


Salient Features of Date Exclusion SEO

After installing and Activating the plugin you can go to your WordPress Dashboard > Setting > Date Exclusion SEO. There are many options and features like :

Remove Dates from WordPress Posts
Remove Dates from WordPress Posts
  • If you want to Remove dates from your Posts Page, Tags Page, Category Page, Front Page.
  • Now the Best Part is, the Plugin has another option for Post date to show date only for 30 Days (you can specify the time period yourself). So that your Fresh Content looks fresh and afterwards the date will be removed from Blog as well as Search Engines.


Share your Thoughts and Experience while using this outstanding Plugin via Comments. Also if you need any kind of help then comment below we will get back to you as soon as possible 😉 .

Thanks for Reading…

News Update : Speed up Your Slow 3G/2G Internet Connection

Slow mobile internet connection is a very common problem for every one and who doesn’t want a high speed internet. Even if you are using a 3G network, you get a feeling that is it really a 3G internet. Most of the telecom company in India promises to provide a high speed internet connection but when you use it, the reality is far away from what is written on the paper.

If you are a mobile internet user, got bored of your slow internet connection and looking for a solution then here is a good news for you which can make a smile on your face.

News to Speed up a Internet Connection

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is going to set a minimum download speed for every telecom company, after which every telecom company have to set a minimum download speed.

High-Speed-Internet3G telecom companies promise to deliver mobile internet speed between 7.1 mbps to 21 mbps but is it true?

TRAI got many complaints in this aspect.The details given by different companies to TRAI about minimum speed is 399 kbps (broad band speed 512 kbps) to 2.48 mbps, but TRAI found that the speed given by companies is not as they show on papers.

What would be the Minimum Speed ?

According to TRAI the download speed on 3G must be at least 1 mbps and on 2G it must be between 56 kbps to 512 kbps.


The expected date for final decision is on or before 12th may.

Have some thoughts? Share your love with us and spread your words in Comment box 🙂 .