Review, Better than Google Adsense?

No doubt, Google Adsense has been a king for monetization of any blog. But recently another ad serving network came into light i.e., . The Yahoo Bing Contextual Advertisement program is proving as a boon for bloggers with disapproved or disabled Adsense account.

But the main matter of discussion is, can we use as an alternative to adsense? Or stop using adsense and use Yahoo Bing Ad Network? vs Google Adsense Which is Better


What is Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads (

Yahoo Bing Advertisement is a new program for Publishers as well as Advertisers. This adnetwork is born with the collaboration of Yahoo & Bing. It could be used by bloggers or webmasters who got their application rejected in Google Adsense.

However it is not that easy to get approval in but its not too tough. With little efforts and quality articles you can enter this program. Approval Process

As discussed earlier the approval process is not too tough you can try and get your website approved easily. Here is how you can get your website approved on

  • Having quality content with optimal keywords.
  • Decent amount of Traffic from US, UK, Canada.
  • Reasonable volume of visitors on your site.
  • No P*rn, Cr@cks, H@cking sites are allowed to enter this program
  • No Software Piracy (including but not limited to warez, torrents, cracking etc.)
  • No Copied content, and this is a basic filter for every advertisement program.


Should you give Priority over Google Adsense has better support system and has CPM based ad revenue which is even much better than Google Adsense.

But the experience I & some of my blogger friends had was a mind changer.

In starting days I was earning as much as 2$-3$ a day in my new blog. But it gradually started falling down and in current phase it gives negligible revenue. I don’t know what happened but many, In-fact all of the user I interacted was having the same concern.

Conclusion about using

No doubt is a way better than other Ad serving companies. But it lacks when we start comparing it with the Giant Google Adsense as still needs some development in regarding to revenue.

Before 2011 there was several tricks and tips to get adsense approved. But now a days it is really tough and could overcome as a boon for those people who don’t have Google Adsense. So if you have Google Adsense account then you can use along with it, but its not advisable to use it replacing Google Adsense.


Disclaimer : We are not trying to downgrade or blacklist any of the Ad serving Company. We’re just sharing our thoughts.

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  1. aprroved lots of adsense accounts for our clients and they all are satisfied with adsense but in usa and uk they feel that is giving equal competation to adsense and only exceptional clients of this both countries feel is good otherwise all over the glob people response is in favour of adsense – reported by

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