Demerits of Android

Major Problems And Disadvantages Of Android Phones

Today Android holds about 80 percent shares in the smart phone market. If we take a look Andriod-Demeritsin Popularity of Android then ; there are 4 Android phones  in every 5 smart phone. And in the end of 2014 the number of Android user is estimated be more than 1 billion.

No doubt this is the best O.S which gives you the freedom to customize your phone according to your choice. Also the App availability for Android is unmatchable. Regardless of many pros, Android has some cons too.

Some Demerits of Android OS which can’t be ignored

  • Quite weak in Security point of view

Android is an open source software, mean any one can develop an app for Android and this makes it very unsafe. In many researches it is now clear that Android is much easier to hack for any hacker in comparison with other phones. Google play store is a hub of malwares and duplicate apps.

  • It has a major issue of Older version

It really hurts when you buy a new phone and one of your friend tell you that is an older version. Actually Google provides updates to the manufacturers of the phone and it totally depends on the manufacturer of your phone than when they is going to provide you the updates, and sometimes the updates never comes.

  • Problems of Battery

Android is a very powerful software which is specially designed for multitasking and for this it need a heavy power supply. It drains the battery very quickly, no matter which phone you are using. Heating in Android phone is another a very common issue for every user.

  • Problems of Hang and Crash

As Android phones gets old it starts creating problems. Even after using all the cleaning apps from play store and applying all your effort you can’t get rid of some unwanted data from your phone memory. Some times it shows low memory even after removing every thing from you device.

  • No Option to Install Apps in External Memory

Keeping every features and customization power of Android aside one major Question that every android user asks “Can’t I install my Apps directly to SD card?”. Well this is a common issue for everyone and probably no apps from Play store is willing to do the Same. Only the way you can install apps in SD card is to ROOT your android, but it voids the Warranty.


Despite of all above demerits Android is still leading the Mobile/Tablet Operating System Market. And is much more versatile that any other Operating System, but these reasons are not enough to discourage anyone to buy Android Phone. 

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  1. Right bro agar ye saari problem android se hatt jai to fir ane wale 50 saalo tak android Platform se best koi bhi version nahi hoga..

    1. :)Bro, now onwards, Please use English language instead of Hindi or other languages
      By the way, Thanks for you Comment 😉

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