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Update Your Old Android OS to New Android Kitkat 4.4 Phone

In the recent times getting a phone with the latest Operating system is a trending flaunt factor. Although its been a year since the latest Android 4.4 Kikat launched, but still it has got a lot of craze among the smartphone users. Many people change their phones whenever a new Android Operating System hits the market, but at the same time changing phones frequently is quite costly for people with tight pocket. There are actually many ways to upgrade your android OS for real, you will find many Custom ROM out their in the Internet which you can use to update your Phone’s software.

But updating your phone using custom ROM is a bit risky task to do, as if you did a slight mistake your phone will brick. Also the warranty of the phone voids and you couldn’t avail your warranty if you use custom ROM. This is the reason why we are here, we will be telling you the method to get Android 4.4 Kitkat’s look and feel without rooting or installing custom ROM.

All you need to do is installing an application to your Android phone, that’s it its so simple. It will give you complete interface of Android Kitat, and anyone won’t be able to tell that its not Android Kitkat at first sight. So how to get complete Kitkat feel on your Android device, here we go.

Android Kitkat 4.4 Launcher Android Kitkat 4.4 Launcher Appearance

How To Update Your Old Android Appearance to New Android Kitkat

  1. First of all download this .apk file.
  2. Install the .apk file on your Android Phone.
  3. Now go to settings > appearance > and select KK Kitkat Launcher as default.
  4. That’s it, you have now completely got new Android Kitkat appearance on your Old android Operating System.

Note : This app can be only be installed on Android 4.0.3 and later Operating system.


This is all friends, ask any of our doubts in comments I will be very happy to answer you soon. Also hit a small thanks to show a small appreciation to our work. 🙂


Best Free Video Calling Messenger Apps For Android 2014

With the Introduction of 3G & 4G Technology we are in the state of doing clear uninterrupted video calls. Before introduction of 3G, video calling facility was nearly impossible and was only limited to PC(s) & Laptops using a broadband connection.

Video calling has been proved as a boon for family members who are living apart from each other. Using this facility we can see the other person live on our Phone. Just we need is a3G/4G Smartphone with a front facing camera. Basically we are talking about android in this article, so we will limit this article to Android OS only.

In order to make a free Video call in any part of the word, you just need a video calling app installed in your Smartphone. Here are some of the best free Video Calling App for Android OS in 2014.


  • Skype – Free IM & Video Calling App

No doubt, Skype will top in our directory of Best Android Video calling app. After a great success in Windows os platform, Skype has been introduced on Android OS. The Skype IM comes from the house of Microsoft, which is another big brand. So it will be foolishness to underestimate this powerful app. And hence it holds 1st position in our video calling App list.

  • Hangout

For many people Hangout is totally new app and many people might ignored it many often. But you will be surprised to know that Hangout is the updated version of GTalk which provides video call and also messenger service. Hangout is a Google service so everyone can understand its quality and security, but in comparison to Skype it requires a faster internet connection for an undisturbed video call.Video Calling App

  • Line messenger

Earlier Line was used only for messaging and sending stickers but this didn’t work for them and now they have introduced two new services in Line i.e voice call and video call. currently these are new on Line so there a lot of improvements to be done in it.

  • WeChat

Wechat messenger got the same story similar to line. Earlier it was also made only for text messaging and one click voice sending facility. But before few weeks wechat also introduced video calling feature to compete others in the league. However the video calling clarity isn’t good right now, hope that the developers will try to improve it soon.

  •  Tango – Text, Voice, Video Calls

Its little bit new name for Indian audience. But tango app has proved to be one of the best app to be used as a substitute of Skype mobile. This app is pretty easy to use with 3G/4G/WiFi internet connection.


There are loads of more apps for video calling facility but we handpicked the above apps only. Your views about the article is always welcomed 🙂 .

Best Features of Android Tablet That You Need to Look For

Sometimes things are popular because they are good at what they do. The Apple iPhone changed mobile phones and made them good, and the Android came along and it was a good operating system alternative. Between Apple and Android they have kicked the OS ass of Windows mobile, Blackberry and Nokia. The Android has a healthy number of features that are put to varying degrees of use depending upon which mobile device you choose. Here are a few of the best Android features to look out for.



Widgets are on the Android

There are some people who do not like them because they take up too much of the screen, and that is a point, but you can change your widgets to be a little less intrusive on the page. You may also turn many of your widgets off too. There is a sense of satisfaction that comes with being able to glance at your tablet and know the time or weather without having to look at an app. The same is true if you have email or you have made money via Google Adsense on your blog.


SwiftKey Text Prediction

The SwiftKey program means that predictive text is now even better and you can use Swype to increase your choices when it comes to gestures and ThickButtons mods which allow you to use bigger buttons as you type. The Swype gesture based typing has been used to break the Guinness World Record on the world’s fastest text message.


Control your phone from your computer

There are apps that will allow you to do this, and the Android system has settings that allow you to control your Android from your PC which is both handy and fun if you decide to give it a go through a secure service.


Custom ROMs

Your Android operating system is open source and it means you may customize your Android in order to get a better user experience from the whole thing. You can legally make system level tweaks to your Android if you wish.




Automation is good on the Android

There is an application called Tasker which allows you to turn your tablet into nothing short of a super tablet (not really) where you can turn on certain settings and certain applications for certain areas. The most notable is how where your tablet will not update any of its systems or apps until you are in proximity to WI-Fi so that it saves you money on mobile Internet.

You can even automate it to turn things on or off depending on the time of day or the location you are in. This means you can set your tablet to be on silent during work or lectures or when you are in the location of work. There is also a battery-saving app called JuiceDefender which also turns systems and apps on and off in order to save life on the battery.


Removable storage and a removable battery

Most Android tablets will allow you to remove your battery and many allow for removable storage. This means that you can save files locally and move them around with your SD card instead of having to do it via the cloud. Maxing out the storage on your Android tablet is not usually the end of the world because you have more options with regards to your tablet than you do with other devices.


Customized Home Launchers

If you crack or jailbreak your tablet then you may have access to deeper customization based on your own programming skill or the darker apps that only install on cracked tablets. However, there are home launchers with the Android that allow you to do most of the customization you may ever want.

There is no need to risk the health and security of your tablet if you can do your customization via a Home Launcher. It allows you to set up different gestures compared to the ones that come pre-set with the device, and you can set up different shortcuts and you may even set up your tablet so that it runs faster. There are apps called LauncherPro and ADWLauncher, both of which are third party home launchers and both of which offer a great amount of customization.


You get an alternate keyboard

This is around the idea that with most Androids you get a choice of keyboards. There are also things such as Swiftkey and Swype and 8pen. The Android gives you choices and there are even apps that can improve your options even more so.

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