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Ultimate Guide to : Re-gain Your Lost Search Engine Traffic

It’s a real pain when you have lost a big fraction of your search engine traffic, all of the sudden (or slowly by time). There might be just a single reason for the traffic drop from Google source.

Google the giant search engine which shares more than 60% of the total global searches. We know that Google is known for its accuracy and its logarithms which gets updated frequently to provide much more better user experience. Be it Panda update or Google’s new humming bird update, it threw ranks of many bloggers in my friendzone. Also the Pagerank and Domain Authority are playing crucial factor in ranking website in SERPS.

Google has officially stated that they are penalizing low quality websites. So if you have experienced a sudden traffic drop then it could be just because of Google’s update. Everyone in the blogosphere knows that, now a days poorly written article proves to be a sin for any blog. So keep these things in mind before hiring any content writer or accepting guest posts. Not only this, there are many small things which are responsible for traffic drop. We will mention each of them further in this article. By following these simple methods you can get back your lost search engine traffic, just take a look.

Search Engine Traffic Drop


First of All Check : If Google Analytics Tracking code has been removed?

Many of the users get worried about the traffic drop without realizing that they have mistakenly removed the Google Analytics tracking code while changing the theme or removing the plugin. It happens when a new programmer starts messing with the footer.php file which contains the tracking code.


Recent Theme Change

This is the most common reason due to which Google pulls down traffic of any website. No, I’m not telling that theme change is responsible for it. But if you change your theme to a poorly optimized theme, which is designed by a bad coder with broken scripts. Installing a pirated theme of a premium one is also a bad idea, most of the nulled themes have spammy links and codes which really harms your website. In the wordpress platform we prefer to use a paid theme over free theme. But if you don’t have bucks to purchase a premium theme then don’t use nulled theme, it will ruin your blog.

Also which changing theme we have to be careful about the site structure and header tags compatibility with the old theme because it affects Search Engine Optimization. You can also run a site audit for checking your site for broken scripts.


Problems with CDN

Have you recently started using a Content Delivery Network like Cloudflare? It is really important to use the right settings with CDN system, there are many options like Spam Protection. The if you set Spam protection to aggressive level. Then the CDN system might get confused with real visitors and spambots and thus it will block real traffic too. This was the case in my last blog while I started using Cloudflare and I face a sudden drop in my traffic (no I wasn’t penalized by Google, it was due to wrong settings in Cloudflare).


Is your Website been a victim of Negative SEO?

Getting a sudden traffic drop due to negative SEO? Negative SEO happens is when your competitor automates large amount of spammy links to your site. Which lowers your site’s link juice and thus pulls down your Search Engine rankings.

To aid this problem there is a tool in Bing Webmaster tools, known as Disavow Links tool. Even Google has now, developed a Disavow Tool.

Protect yourself from Negative SEO attack from an Enemy


Public & Private

Many of the domain registrars offers you to hide your but does it affects your site rankings? Doesn’t it appears like sign of something to hide. Matt Cutts quoted at Pubcon 2006.

“When I checked the whois on them, they all had “whois privacy protection service” on them. That’s relatively unusual.  …Having whois privacy turned on isn’t automatically bad, but once you get several of these factors all together, you’re often talking about a very different type of webmaster than the fellow who just has a single site or so.”


  Social Standing

Social appearance of any website is now proving as a major ranking factor. Earlier creating backlinks was doing the task for ranking high in Google. But now, you also need a good Social standing to get better Google rankings. Again, Social networks like twitter, Facebook and Google+ could be a vital source for your site’s traffic

If your site is low at social networks then, start now and create a facebook page with good number of followers. If done correctly then it could prove to be a boon for your Google Search Engine’s rankings.



Backlinks Quality

This is one of the major factor while determining search engine rankings of any site. Have you recently used any automated backlinks generator which is creating poor backlinks? Backlinks are actually similar to content’s concept, you need quality more than quantity. Backlinks building should be taken seriously and this task shouldn’t be handled by any automated tools.

You straightaway need to remove bad backlinks and create good manual high quality backlinks. You can use Removeem tool to remove bad backlinks pointing to your site.


Creating Engaging Content

Google has clearly mentioned that “Content is the King”, so why not improve your content to regain your search engine traffic? Make your content in a way that the visitor get stick to your site and doesn’t leaves it without going through the website. You can use many plugins and tools to add “related post” which can potentially engage your visitors.

As mentioned earlier in the article, don’t ever publish a poorly written/optimized article on your blog, it harms your blog more than anything. Do a proper keyword research before starting to write article on your blog. I would recommend using Long Tail Pro keyword tool which costs 97$ for lifetime, you can add a platinum version by spending 20$/month for the same. If you don’t have enough funds to get LTP tool then Google Adwords Keyword Research tool will also help you finding potential keywords.


These were the major and probably all the methods which you could use to get back your Search Engine traffic. In-fact, it could even help you to gain more traffic for your website. So what are you waiting for, start implementing above tips and sit-back seeing hikes in your blog’s traffic. Hit a small thanks for my work, it will give me boost to write more awesome articles. Also if you need any help or have any doubts in your mind, ask them in comments. I willl be there for help.

Best Free Video Calling Messenger Apps For Android 2014

With the Introduction of 3G & 4G Technology we are in the state of doing clear uninterrupted video calls. Before introduction of 3G, video calling facility was nearly impossible and was only limited to PC(s) & Laptops using a broadband connection.

Video calling has been proved as a boon for family members who are living apart from each other. Using this facility we can see the other person live on our Phone. Just we need is a3G/4G Smartphone with a front facing camera. Basically we are talking about android in this article, so we will limit this article to Android OS only.

In order to make a free Video call in any part of the word, you just need a video calling app installed in your Smartphone. Here are some of the best free Video Calling App for Android OS in 2014.


  • Skype – Free IM & Video Calling App

No doubt, Skype will top in our directory of Best Android Video calling app. After a great success in Windows os platform, Skype has been introduced on Android OS. The Skype IM comes from the house of Microsoft, which is another big brand. So it will be foolishness to underestimate this powerful app. And hence it holds 1st position in our video calling App list.

  • Hangout

For many people Hangout is totally new app and many people might ignored it many often. But you will be surprised to know that Hangout is the updated version of GTalk which provides video call and also messenger service. Hangout is a Google service so everyone can understand its quality and security, but in comparison to Skype it requires a faster internet connection for an undisturbed video call.Video Calling App

  • Line messenger

Earlier Line was used only for messaging and sending stickers but this didn’t work for them and now they have introduced two new services in Line i.e voice call and video call. currently these are new on Line so there a lot of improvements to be done in it.

  • WeChat

Wechat messenger got the same story similar to line. Earlier it was also made only for text messaging and one click voice sending facility. But before few weeks wechat also introduced video calling feature to compete others in the league. However the video calling clarity isn’t good right now, hope that the developers will try to improve it soon.

  •  Tango – Text, Voice, Video Calls

Its little bit new name for Indian audience. But tango app has proved to be one of the best app to be used as a substitute of Skype mobile. This app is pretty easy to use with 3G/4G/WiFi internet connection.


There are loads of more apps for video calling facility but we handpicked the above apps only. Your views about the article is always welcomed 🙂 .

Trace Location Of A Person Using Facebook Application

If you are a Facebook lover and and loves to spend your time on Facebook with your friends using its different apps and facilities then, here is a good news for you.

Facebook will you about your Friends Location

Now you can trace your Friends location using a new App recently launched by Facebook. This amazing app tells you whether your friends are nearby you, or if they are 1-2 miles away. Also this app will tell the location of your Facebook friend.

How to Trace the  Location

A new feature introduced by Facebook called “nearby friends” can trace your friends location.



How does it work

It uses the GPS system of your smart phone.

This app will tell you whether your friends are nearby or half a mile away of you. this will be really interesting to see if your friends are lying or you can trust on them.

Using this App you also can provide your correct Location to your Friends, so that your friends can see whether you are in a park or at an airport.

Where is it available?

This is really very unfortunate but currently Facebook is providing this facility only in America.

Do share your thoughts and feedback in comments, it is really important to us. 🙂

Ultimate Guide To Impress A Girl On Facebook Chat

Are you an Internet Surfer or a Chat lover? Then you must be on Facebook as Well as other Social Networking Sites. But basically we are talking about Facebook Chat (This applies on other Social Networks as well).

Facebook, the most popular Social Networking site to Connect people with each other.

Center of Point of the Article is “Now a Days youngsters seek for Girls to chat with. But the biggest mistake we use to do : Start Flirting with Girls .” By showing them unnecessary and Fake affection and pretending to be a Super Stud. It has never been easy to chat with a Girl and leaving a Positive impact on her. Do you want the Girls to be more friendly while talking with you. 😀


Don’t make Girls feel that you are going crazy after them; just give some time and they will come after you. 😮


The above statement is right for most of the Real life cases as well as on Facebook. You might by Struggling giving them time to know you. It is possible that you will feel annoyed by her ignorance or will feel broken. And on this vary stage we do mistakes by forcing them to know our feelings for her. And in the End some retarded fake personalities guys use to start showing their frustrations by using abusing words which ends the game of Love.




So Guys Here are Few More Points to Remember while Chatting with a Girl


  • Do you know the Girl or Not :Sending the friend request after Seeing her DP you have made a mindset to come closer to her? Then you should just wait her to accept your friend request. If she accepts your request then go on and if she doesn’t then the Matter is closed here.
  • Don’t Start boasting about yourself at initial Stage : Stop being a showoff at the early stage as Girls don’t use to like these freaking shit Guys.
  • Give some Good Compliments to her : Girls like good compliment about them, don’t they 🙂 ? And this is biggest weapon to make them think about you. But Remember don’t start making them annoyed by making bulk compliments again and again.
  • Show interest and Wait for the feedback She gives : While chatting let the Girl know about you, what are your hobbies and what you are Interested in? See whether she likes it or not. After this try to know about her likes/dislikes and hobbies.
  • Don’t be annoying : Sending her texts repeatedly even she’s busy is never been a good idea. If she’s bored with any topic or isn’t showing much interest then immediately change the topic. This will make her feel that you are interesting guy.
  • Show caring Nature : Girls use to like the guy who cares for them.



After getting positive responses by using above tips, try to make her feel that you care for her you deserve to be the Best guy She ever met in her life. Who knows She could become your Life Partner in Future? 😉