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Should you use Comment Luv plugin on your WordPress Blog

Comment Luv, One of the most Popular plugins available for wordpress that most blogs opt. Many bloggers use this plugin to encourage their readers to leave comments. An article which is having a large number of comments has high reputation in front of its visitor. But even with this main feature many bloggers don’t like it to have on their blog. So lets use discuss why and why not people like comment luv in their blogs.


Why people don’t use Comment Luv Plugin.


I found that many users online don’t love this plugin because of some reasons. Below are some of reasons.


No-follow Links downgrade value of your site.

It is the major factor which prevents bloggers to use this plugin in their blog. One of my friend told me that “No-follow is no more completely ignored. Now google share your link juice and page rank with the site you linked”. According to him now giving links to poor website [Even no-follow] makes a negative impact to your links.

But according to me it is not true upto some extent. We should love to link commentator who gives time to comment in your blog, and this doesn’t makes any big bad impact on your blog internal linking.


Poor Loading time and larger page Size.

Another myth in the mind of non-supporters is that “Using this plugins reduces load time and increase size of the Page”. This is true upto some extent and as you know they also consider load time as major Ranking factor. But I don’t think that it should make any big difference. By using good CDN plugin you can handle this issue easily. So you can use comment luv plugin if you are scared of this issue.


Increase in spam Comments.

This is the main reason that popular blogs don’t use this plugin. If you have a new blog then it is perfect to get several comments on your blog. But if your blog has quite decent amount of traffic with comment luv then your blog would be targeted for spam comments. This is true, but it is not enough to change one’s mind to not to use this plugin. There are several free plugins like Akismet, Growmap anti spam bot, which will reduce automated spam bots. Only you have to deal with real human spammers.

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Benefits of using Comment Luv Plugin.


Benefits of this plugin is quite large and its small demerits fades in front of it. I would like to point out some big advantage of using this plugin.


Encourage Commentators on your blog.

If your blog is quite new or if you want to get more comments in your articles then you must have comment luv plugin installed on your blog. This plugin will encourage your readers to leave a comment as they will get a reward to leave their latest post link along with their comments. But you should be ready to tackle the spam that some individuals would do.


Increases your Traffic via Search Engines.

Many of the people might not give attention to this feature but its true that this plugins drive traffic to your blog via search Engines. Now let me tell you how, If any one searches on google for anything and that keyword matches the luv that one had left in your blog, then your blog will show in the results. Hence it increases the keywords of your blog too. And gives you the traffic of such articles that your probably do not have on your blog.


Leave your suggestions via comments. We also spread love using Comment Luv.

SEO: Tips Improve Your Blog (Search engine Optimization)

In this topic we’ll discuss about how to improve SEO of your site.

seo-imageHello friends many people create their websites but after much work on their site they close their website because they don’t get satisfaction as compared to time on their website this is because of low traffic in their sites as their SEO (Search engine optimization) is very weak resulting they do not get much traffic from the search engines, search engine is the main source of traffic and just because of less seo points the website suffer from rejecting of adsense again and again, seo is highly responsible for approval or disapproval of adsense. So, don’t worry today I will give you tips to improve you SEO.


Keywords affecting SEO.


The keywords you added in the post should present in :

1.Page title

2.On the first paragraph of the post

3.In the url of the post

4.In the meta description

5.In the post body

6.Tags in images


SEO in Meta description.


1.  Meta description should contain the keywords mention in your post.
2.  It should also be competive to tackle the competetion. It should be made
     more attractive to the audience.




Your post contents should not match to another post in the whole web. The less it matches the more effective your SEO. Your post contents should be in your own language and try to write your own words in the post don’t try to copy from anywhere not even from another language from online translator as it will be traced by search engines, it will badly effect your SEO and will reduce the chances of getting adsense approved.


Page title optimization according to SEO.


The page title of your post is one of the most important thing for SEO maximum things depend on your page title, It should attract the audience and the should appear as it contains the contents that the audience wants. It should contain more than 40 characters and less than 70 characters (Highly recommended).


Title and Tags in images.

The tags or heading used in images should also be set wisely as if anybody does image search then it will show images from different pages and probably show from images which has better keywords.


Social networking.


Your post should have better social standing as it effects adsense and SEO positively. You should always put link to your post when ever you create one, You site should contain social networking buttons.


Do share you suggestion via comments. And let us know the points which we left.

Redirect traffic from blogger/blogspot blog to another site

Hello friends, As we know that most of the blogger including me, started from blogger and further moved to WordPress. Most people migrate their site to wordpress, and import all the old articles with Permanent Url redirection. It is a vital and recommended tool when your old blogspot blog niche matches with your new blog’s niche that is on wordpress. But in few cases people leave blogger website behind and start new self hosted wordpress blog.

When it comes about having different niches on your old and new blog then you shouldn’t leave your old blog like a crap. You should utilize the traffic from your old blogger blog to redirect some traffic for your new blog. And yes, today I am going to tell you the same thing i.e., How to redirect traffic from blogspot to another website. Its very simple just follow me.



How to redirect traffic from blogspot blog to another website/url.


To do this, you just need to go to HTML editor and find the following piece of code (ctrl + F).


And just below it paste the following line.
<meta HTTP-EQUIV='REFRESH' content='0; url='/>
<meta content='NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW' name='ROBOTS'/>

Note 1 : In the above Code “Content ‘0; means the time (in seconds) the visitor will stay at your old blog before being redirected to the new blog. I had already set it to zero but you can change it according to your need. Also replace “” with url of your new blog.


Note 2 : <meta content=’NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW’ name=’ROBOTS’/> Asks Search engines to not to index posts from your old blog. This secures your new blog from getting penalized for duplicate Content, as pages indexed from the old blog would take some time to de-index and thus it will behave like you have copied from old blog. This is very important if you want to redirect your traffic without any loss to new blog.


Done… Friends, now enjoy traffic redirect from your old blog to your new blog/website/url. Hope you enjoyed my article, give some time to comment and appreciate my work. 🙂

Benefits Of Premium Hosting Over Free Hosting

As a Blogger I know that every one wants to spend as much less amount to run their blog. Thanks to Google that they have provided an awesome platform of so that everyone could create their blog without spending a single penny. Coming back to the Topic, to continue your blog you have to pay for Hosting. Because of this big reason many bloggers start their blog with free hosting, believe me free hosting is just a crap they will just withdraw all the promises they do in their features. Instead of free hosting you can go for Blogger.

So I am here to share some Benefits of premium hosting over Free hosting.


Hosting Limit


In order to provide free hosting no one can provide you unlimited Bandwith and Space, they must add some limits to provide free hosting to everyone. Also they limit you in other things like you cant host unlimited domains. If your blog reach bandwith limit then no one will be able to access your blog, and if it last longer it will de-index your site from Search engines.

On the other hand Hosts like “Hostgator” give your unlimited hosting without restrictions.






Another major risk of free hosting is that your blog/website has always lack of security as free hosts never focus on your security. There are high chances that something will go wrong sooner or later.

Paid hosting is completely different they run advance security software tackle with disasters. You can trust on Premium and Famous hosts which has been known and trusted by many people.


Server Speed


Similarly free hosts use slow connection line which will provide low loading speed and bad user experience. Big loading time effects SEO badly and will throw your SERP at last.

Whereas Premium hosting use premium connection which will give faster loading time and thus better user experience.


One-Click Script Install


Free hosting usually doesn’t have features of one click Script installer, resulting you may have to manually download, upload install the script which is very annoying.

But many Premium hosts have one Click Script Install feature with the help of Softaculous, Fantastico etc.


Suspension Problem


The biggest threat for free hosting user is that their account can be suspended with/without any reason thus all the files and databases will be lost and probably cannot be recovered. Free hosts have rights to suspend your account and you can’t question.

On the other hand Premium Hosting promises you that they will backup your data, compensate with server down time. There are very few chances of suspension in Premium hosting (Suspension might be done if you violate their terms and condition.)




Again another big help that you get from Premium hosting that most them Provide you with Live 24×7 online support, they also have features to submit ticket.

And in free host as you know there is no major support system, they don’t have live chat support . Even your Help tickets are neglected or unanswered by them.


Final Words


I was too using free hosting in earlier stage of my blogging carrier but sooner I got many problems like Downtime, Server outage, Poor support and less bandwith, Space for my website. Even I was having problem to upgrade my WordPress version.

According to me free hosting is just a crap and if you are serious for blogging, close your eyes and go for Premium hosting. Spend some bucks and go with popular hosts, believe me they will give you awesome features.

Share your thoughts via comments 😀 .


Page views : Tips to increase blog Page views easily

Blog Page views, the most important factor to decide earning from any blog. The first question asked by advertisers – “How much page views your blog has”.

Page views is really very Important for bloggers who use Google adsense and Affiliates.


Let us point out some big benefits of Having more Page Views on Blog.


  • More advertising revenues from adsense and related programs.
  • More trust by Search engines.
  • Low alexa rankings, results in nice impact on your visitors and advertisers.
  • High chances of affiliate marketing / Selling products.


Now, let me tell you the thing because of you are here, Tips to Increase your Blog Page Views easily. :


1. Good Content.


Now a days, Content matters most. Expert says, that writing better content will gradually increase your site visits and Page views. Because if your visitor finds your one article useful then he will surely read another article. Having good content decreases Bounce rate, and increases time spent by visitors on your blog.

Good content not only consist of Articles, but having nice color combination with better graphics give your visitor satisfaction. Friendly navigation without broken links makes readers spent more time on your blog. Not only this, good contents is responsible for returning visitors i.e, regular/loyal visitors for your blog.

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2. Interlinking of Articles.


Interlinking your old articles that are related to the topic you are writing gives your readers better knowledge.

Bloggers usually interlink posts that increases page views effectively. It not only effects lower bounce rates, but also SEO. The links with Anchor text matters for higher Search engine Rankings.


3. Popular Post widget.


Putting popular post widgets on sidebar catches your visitors attention. By doing so, you provide your visitors one of the most vital content on your blog. Once your visitor got attracted by one or more popular post, then it will force them to click and discover more content on your blog.

Popular Post widget not only increases Page views but also plays a vital role for online revenue of your blog.

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4. Splitting Lengthy posts.


For example your are writing about “20 Must have wordpress Plugins”. Then you should try to split the article in two parts. For example your can divide 10 on one article and remaining 10 in other article. Just like,

Page views, Traffic

  • 20 Must have WordPress plugins – Part 1.
  • 20 Must have WordPress Plugins – Part 2.


Always while publishing length articles, split them into pieces and interlink them. By doing this you get these benefits.


  1. Increase in number of articles Published on your blog.
  2. Reduce in Bounce Rate.
  3. More advertising Revenue.
  4. Increase in blog Page views
  5. Increase in CTR.
  6. Increase in Traffic of your blog, as both of the part will get indexed in Search engines.

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5. Related Post/Articles.


This is very common and most successful widget use by bloggers.  Using Related articles widget you not only get more page views, but also enable your visitor to discover more of your content. It also effectively increases your internal links between your articles. Related post widget come in both WordPress and blogger. There are many options available, you can add a fly out slide or related post box below the article or at the right right of the website.


6. Search Box.


If your visitors has some doubt after reading your article, then they will go to another blog to resolve their doubt. So, Try to add a Custom Google Search box  in your blog, thus your visitor might search and get relevant articles without navigating away from your blog.


Final Words:.


These are the 5 best tips that can help any blogger to gradually increase his/her blog Page views. I am sure that you will find these tips useful and it will help to get you better results. Still if you have doubt or want to give some tips that might not mentioned above, then you are welcomed in below comments.

10 Common But Effective Techniques of SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful tools in today’s world for branding your blog or website. There are several companies providing SEO services to the different brands but very few of them get success. SEO is actually a science which has certain parameters, which need to be analyzed before deciding or choosing important SEO techniques. The SEO technique which was very useful in 2010 will not work in 2013 due to versatile nature of search engine. SEO experts must keep learning about the new parameters and must apply the techniques according to that. Follow these 10 best on site SEO techniques for 2013.


1) Keyword Research

Keywords are a lifeline of SEO. You have to be very careful while choosing keywords. Don’t assume that user will use blah-blah keyword because you think so. Go out of your comfort zone and try to search some real keywords related to the brand which are actually used by people. Ensure that long keyword must be simpler than generic keywords.

2) Descriptive Title Tags

It is very important to focus on title tags, alt tags, and H1 or H2 tags. Most important, don’t keep your post title as title tag. Furthermore, keep in mind that title tags must be descriptive and must tell about your post. It is good to have a name of product or brand at start, end or middle of title tag. If you are using multiple keywords for title tag that use (-) hyphen or (|) pipe between keywords.

3) Social Signals

Social signals mean how many times your website or posts are being talked about. Make it easy for people to share your post. Make good title so people will re-share it. The more people re-share it the more social signal you will receive. This automatically increases your optimization.

4) Meta Description

Meta descriptions are HTML tags that tell a user that what is the website is about. Although you can keep this description as long as you want, but search engine recommends keeping it 155 characters long and descriptive. It is also good if you keep these descriptions different for every page.

5) Image ALT Tags

Using Alt tags is a very important technique to improve brand visibility in Google image search option. This also helps in SEO ranking. You can also you keywords in it for a better result. However, don’t stuff it with many keywords at once.

6) Incoming Links

Link building is something very important aspect for SEO operatLinksion. Producing quality link or relevant link is very critical for SEO experts. Try to create quality backlink with sites, which are reputed for Google. Having backlink with such a site will help you to optimize your page.

7) Quality Content

Link building also depends on quality content. It is necessary for your company to write keyword based quality articles that generate good link building and optimize a page.

8) Press Release

Distributing press releases is another great effort you can put in order to optimize your page. Putting your press releases on quality news portals will definitely help optimizations.

9) Social Media

Using social media is a very important aspect for better optimization of page. Using Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest is the best way that helps in SEO optimization.

10) Desirability

Google keeps an eye on your website. How many users visit your site and how many stay there for long time. It is necessary to design your page in a way that every user must stay there and read stuff sometimes.


Check Status Of Adsense Application If Still In Review

In this post we will discuss how to check status of adsense application


Hello friends, As we all know that Adsense is a huge online advertising company and each and every blogger tries to get adsense, but the mai problem is that they always apply and get rejected from the adsense. After a lot of tries they did’t get their adsense approved. They struggle and go here and their to get adsense and try a lot of alternate methods to get adsense but it is no worth if you get your adsense approved from third party sites there is 99% chances that you adsense will get banned. Moreover don’t try to purchase any adsense account from anywhere online they are just scams they fool people and claim to give 100% genuine adsense account with guarantee,  you think that the huge google company will become fool by these fools. If you get your adsense by them then today or later your adsense will be disabled so don’t bother in these problems update your site, keep your site clean and try directly apply for Adsense


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I found some people who had applied for adsense and luckily got it partially approved but as said by google adsense company they implement the code on their websites and they don’t get rejection email nor ads start showing in their blog even after 7 days.  If you are among of them what will you do? Probably you think that you can’t do anything except waiting I too thought this thing untill I found a method to contact adsense to check status of my application.  As said by adsense you will get rejected or approve probably in 4 bussiness days, but in rare case it takes more that 4 days.  If your application is submitted for more than 7 days then you can try below link


How to check status???

If you also want to ask for status of your application go to this url and Submit an Easy form

Protect Adsense Account From Being Banned Tips 2014


Hello friends its a dream of every blogger to get adsense account approved. I remember the joy when I saw adsense ads started showing on my site. If you don’t get adsense approved yet then don’t be disappointed click here and try these tips to get adsense account fully approved. Adsense account is very precious thing for every blogger and he feels that it remain with him forever. But unfortunately it is very sensitive if you make a little mistake it will result a high loss to you. Your all unpaid earnings will be gone forever. But don’t worry today I will give you some tips to protect your account and so that adsense won’t ban you.


Adsense Account Protection Tips against getting Banned


Tip #1. Don’t click you own ads : Adsense is very sensitive on ad clicks if you do clicks on your own ads and if they found that that these clicks are not done mistakenely then they will immediately ban you without prior warning. However if you accidently click you ads then report them about invalid click before they can find them use this report form scroll and click ” Policy voilations ” link – Adsense contact support


Tip #2. Don’t ask anyone to click your ads : Don’t ever think to ask anyone to click your ads, if you do so then adsense will ban you if they don’t then they will start giving poor ads to your site which will give you less revenue as fraud clicks to your ads will not give profit to the adwords advertisers.


Tip #3. Don’t use paid to click websites or person : If you feel that you can fool the giant google then you are absolutely wrong google is above all. If you use any online paid to click bot or any adsense clicker then adsense will definitely ban you without listening any of your arguments.


Tip #4. Don’t alter adsense codes : If you are thinking to try to alter codes to get more revenue then forget it as you will get banned. Google has high performance computers and employees who will immediately find your alteration done to the code.


Tip #5. Don’t misuse ad units : If you put ad units at that place where visitors can’t differentiate between content or ad units. Don’t ever put any caption or image near adsense ads like click here or similar things, don’t label adsense advertisement other that “advertisement”.


Tip #6. Don’t use adsense ads on sites which violate adsense policy : If you even place you ads of adsense on any site which is related to hacking or cracking or proxy servers. Porn sites haven’t got approved yet. One of my friend has placed adsense ads on porn site mistakenly & he got adsense banned and was like helpless.


Tip #7. Don’t use keyword Stuffing : Trying to put the main keywords in your all posts again and again? Then forget about this, as adsense will ban your site and you will not be able to display ads on your site. Even with fully approved adsense account.


Tip #8. Don’t put ads between small posts : You can display ads in between posts if it is more than 300 words. If it is less then don’t display it between article instead of it you may put it at beginning and at the end of the post.


That’s it. If you find any tips left then comment and let me know I will update that.


How to Increase Google Adsense CPC easily

Adsense the renowned brand in the internet for advertising. Adsense is most popular just because of their high CPC and good relations with Adword advertisers. If you are a blogger then adsense will be the main source of your income. However adsense approval is too tough but you can try our tips which is discussed here.

How to Get adsense Approval Easily.

When we talk about adsense optimization we basically think of getting high eCPM, Cost per click and CTR. I know that you are here because you are in the categories of that people whose earning is quite low as compared to traffic. You are advised to focus more on CPC rather than to focus on CTR. You can give attention towards below mentioned point to increase your Cost Per Click Effectively.


How to increase Google Adsense CPC easily.


Keyword , niche and topic

Adsense has  a nice features which shows ads according to keywords on that page. Adword advertisers bid on Keywords, so you must have little figure out what to do to increase your adsense CPC. Yes, you have to concentrate on the keyword and your niche. Now you might ask why niche and topic? Just because Niche and topic decides your keyword. You must find out high paying keyword for your blog.

Usually free stuffs get less CPC than paid one. Reason is simple just because no advertiser would pay more for the things that they couldn’t sell. Similarly Adword Advertisers won’t pay much for freebies. So always try to put keywords which gets money ads i.e., in which advertiser can promote their product or services which they sell.



Balance ads slots with content for high CPC.

People usually use all three ads slots to get most of their content. Are you also doing the same? If yes then do you take care about the article size and Ad slots ratio? Probably most of the people would say no. This is the main reason for less cpc. I would recommend to use all 3 ads only if you have enough content to support it. Adsense suffers and fail to give high paying and intresting ads if you do not have much content. Ultimately you will get clicks but no earnings because of low paying/ irrelevant ads.. As I told earlier always concentrate more on CPC rather than concentrating on CTR.



Reduce Fraud, Accident Clicks

Everyone wants to earn more and more with adsense. Even many people have asked me how to get more earning with adsense, Many newbies want trick to earn more with adsense. But infact there is no trick which will fool adsense. Google is very smart and if you try to click on your own ads with different IP or insist your friends to click on your ads then Google will reward you with low CPC and poor ad serving.

Don’t blend your ad slot with your theme too much. I mean your visitor should clearly differentiate with content and ads, as google is instantly notified if anyone just open advertising site and close. So it will result in huge loss in your CPC. Google is very sensitive and loyal toward there adword advertisers, if advertisers found that they are not getting benefits that they expected by your blog then you will get poor quality ads and your earning will depressed more that before.


Final Words :

Blogging is not very easy task to do, Its similar to other earning sources. You need to work hard and have patience. There is nothing like spells which will boost your earnings overnight. Blog frequently, every time you blog you will get to know something. Content is the main key to CPC in adsense,


  • Keep publishing articles on  a regular interval.
  • Write for your readers not search engines.
  • Don’t gather all your ad slot at one place.
  • Don’t use poor ad serving company with adsense.
  • Experiment with ad slots and colors but not again and again.
  • Don’t just blog for money.


Give quality content to your readers, patience, time and devotion will definitely make you a good and successful blogger.

Feel free to drop comments and share your thoughts and problems. Keep Visiting Tricksaddiction for more.

Best of Luck. 🙂

Google Adsense Pin Not Received – How to verify my Address?

Google Adsense Pin Not Received – How to verify my Address?

First of all Congrats to you, as you are here because you are a Google Adsense account Holder. Google Adsense is the backbone of any blog. Many bloggers depend upon Google Adsense for their primary source of income. But before sending the first cheque they verify your address. They send you a 4-digit verification Pin (Personal Identification Number) as soon as you reach 10$.




How much time it takes to reach Adsense Pin.


Usually it doesn’t takes much time but in India it takes almost double time as mentioned. I heard that one guy from India received his pin after 41 days. In the worst cases people can’t receive their adsense pin even after requesting thrice. Google Adsense gives you 3 tries , that means if you haven’t received your pin in first attempt, you can request 2 more times.


Google Adsense Pin Not Received yet, What to do ?


Some times users doesn’t receive their Verification pin even after three attempts. But not to worry, Google gives you an alternate option to remove Account hold from your Adsense Account.


  • Method 1 : Recheck your Mailing address again, if its wrong then inform Google so that they Can send the pin again.
  • Method 2 : After three attempts, another option appears in Google Adsense account to verify Adsense pin by Uploading Digital Image of your Government issued ID card or any other Document like Driving licence, Bank statement (which contains your address).


Over to you

Share you Questions, thoughts, suggestion and Complaints via Comments. Comment Section is all yours, feel free to ask any queries.